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Tribesports User of the Week: Gemma A


Posted by Gemma A under Half Marathon Running, Running, Netball, Kickboxing, Fitness & Training on 3 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

Gemma AWhat has been your proudest sporting achievement?

I would have to say that my proudest sporting achievement was coming third woman in the Alcoy half marathon last December; it was a really hilly,hard going half but I loved it. When I crossed the finish line to hear the announcer say welcome back the third woman I couldnt believe it....I burst into tears! And I can't not mention how proud and emotional I felt when I received the UOTW email...had to read it three times to make sure - thank you!

Which Challenge has been the toughest to complete?

My toughest TS challenge over the last year has to be the 5 minute plank...I am not too bad at planking now but at the time it took me weeks to build up to this - I remember being on 4 mins and my whole body was shaking and I was yelling at the stop watch, like a crazy woman, to hurry up! I also find Irfans running challenges very tough but love giving them a go and feel amazing when I can complete one...recently just completed the 2k in under 8 mins, that was a hard one.

Do you have a target time for the Paris marathon this year?

I really, really would like a sub 4 hour finish in Paris ....however my first marathon was done in 4hrs 22 mins so anything less than that is an improvement!

3rd place in the half marathon

You've used the insanity program in the past, what do you like about home workouts?

I stopped using the gym a year ago now as I was getting really bored and lacking in motivation - it took me half an hour to get there and the same to get back so with my workout that was 2 hours gone already and I still wanted to do a decent run, feed my family and get ready for work. Not enough hours in the day and all that.

KickboxingI kept seeing ads for Insanity and my husband really fancied giving it a go. We loved it and couldn't wait to get up in the morning for our workout which was no more than an hour a day and had much better results than anything I had tried before. I also love the fact that I don't have to sort my hair or make up out before getting started...heehee...

How do you feel your individual sports like running and kick boxing help with your team sports?

I have  played netball since I was a kid, and always been a really competitive madam... running and kickboxing helped me with my breathing and fitness and got me playing netball much better than when I was a teen.... I've had a bit of a break from netball and kickboxing recently as I don't want to risk an injury this close to my marathon but I can't wait to get stuck back in

Your pole dancing photos are epic - have you ever tried street pole?

I had so much fun at pole dancing and what an amazing workout it is...but bruises everywhere... ouch! I have never tried street pole unless you can count a very drunken Gemma trying to climb a lamp post and failing miserably... I will defo give it a go one day...alcohol free of course!

Pole dancing laybackPoll dancing

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Im really sorry but I am gonna have to be one of those people that say there's too many to mention cuz it's true... I am so glad to have found this site as I have met so many amazing people who I'm proud to call friends; from teamies old and new to virtual running partners, constant encouragers and even leaderboard tag all know who you are xxxxxxxx

What's your favourite quote?

Its a short and sweet one.... JUST DO IT