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Tribesports User of the Week: Giorgio C


Posted by Giorgio C under Running, Fitness & Training on 12 June 2013 at 11:00 PM

Giorgio C profileWhich has been your toughest Tribesports Challenge and which are you most proud of?

The toughest one, until now (I'm sure that there is someone working on some tough challenge to share with us), has been related to running, and has been the Run a 5k in under 24 minutes. I say until now because the 5k under 23 minutes is not that far!

I’m proud of it, as when I picked up running, it looked impossible even to run at 6min/km pace. But let me share a thought about a tricky one, that is resting in the drawer and I will have to take it out someday - Improve your balance by standing on one leg with eyes closed. I know that others have been there before, with my same feeling, but when I read it, I thought, this is an easy one.. Still there, and I don’t think that, like good wine, it will improve by aging.

There are thousands of body weight exercises logged in your training, which ones do you enjoy the most?

There are are a lot of quotes in Tribesports, like“no pain no gain”, "sweat is fat crying”enjoying: all gym goers know that this word has a particular meaning, as you enjoy the result, that’s what you are struggling for - I can tell you what I’m focusing on now, two weak areas: chest and calf raises. I don’t know, but with aging, it looks like weights weigh a little bit more.

What does your typical day of exercise look like?

It will be gym during the week, Monday to Friday, with a pilates lesson on Thursday to relieve the stress on the back – made of 15 minutes warm up (running, spinning, and the like), then there’s me dragging around the gym, for 90 minutes, until energy tank is depleted.

I have a routine, made to keep my heartbeat high, so there’s practically no rest, apart from the time needed to move from one spot, one machine, to the other, and I swing between upper body and lower body exercises, with a 1:1 ratio. I pick up the Challenges from Tribesports, and fit them into my schedule

Running is clearly a massive part of your routine - any events on the horizon?

Not really – I started to run for a reason (not like Forrest Gump, that found the meaning in the running), that was to increase my anaerobic threshold, and keep my weight under control. I succeeded with the second, as, combined with diet, I lost 4 kg in the last 2 months, not so sure with the first.

What I saw on my run

Running once a week, it took a while to improve, and I still remember when, at the. beginning, I had found a site with a test, called the “test del moribondo” - dying man test – the meaning was that, if you were not able to run 10k in less that 1 hour, you had at least 1 foot, if not 1 and ½, in the grave (and this without training, even some walking allowed) – so you can imagine my face when I ran my first 10 km well over 1 hour!

Everything changed one day, during the winter, when I set my Garmin on a speed of 6 min/km pace, with a target of 5 km – after the 5 km I said to myself, why not ten then, and this way I ran 20 kms, always at a 6min/km pace – I had moved out of the dying man category. 

Giorgio C's running trainers

Never been into any organized event, and I’m not planning to take part to one in the near future.

You've given lots of tasty additions to the Cooking and Recipe Swap Tribe - are you a good cook yourself?

I would say yes - I’m fairly good, and interested, and have a passion for it. I was talking to a friend, a couple of days ago, and I said that I’m not watching movies anymore, as I prefer to watch programs related to cooking, food, wine, and the like (on Monday night here in Italy Masterchef USA, the previous edition, is my favorite in these days). When cooking, I don’t think about calories counting, healthy recipes, light food – I prefer to cook into the path of Italian tradition, with a modern touch, that, luckily, has a lot of healthy, and tasty at the same time, ingredients. And wine as well is among my passions, and I have a little bit of knowledge about Italian wines (no offense meant, but no time to get to know wines from other countries, Italian production is so big in quantity and quality).

Where has been your favourite place to complete Challenges?

Not a big choice here, some monotony for the gym, and some luck for running, as I live in a green area, close to the beach, south of Rome, so I can start the chronometer as soon as I step out of home.

Beach Giorgio C

Where would you most like to go to complete a Challenge?

I just picked up this challenge Take a long beach stroll whilst on holiday , so I’m open to suggestions

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Here comes the toughest part of the interview, about who to put into the list, and I can always blame your for letting a name slip out: I would say Rick P and Eunice Y, as from the beginning they have been there, encouraging and commenting on my Challenges, and I wondered which kind of site this was, where number one in the leaderboard was spending his time encouraging someone who had joined only from a few days. Then I would say Crystal L, as she was encouraging me to reach her around position 100, a crunch machine, -  now she’s having a period of rest, and it’s looks like she’s enjoying it too much!

Hats off to Tycho H and Patrick D, for being real athletes, not amateurs like most of us, and Paul T for his massive weight training, Robyn S for waking up before dawn to complete some Challenges. In the end, let me mention the Italian crew, Matteo R, Christian M, Alice Nancy B, and Katerina P (no, it’s not a mistake!)

Anyway all the people in this site are making the difference – you guys and girls are the best

What's your favourite quote? 

Let’s have two, and from two football trainers:

Vince Lombardi, a legend : “The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work”

Helenio Herrera, trainer of a famous team in the 60’s in Italy, Inter (the team I support), hung a board in the locker rooms with the sentence “Chi non ha dato tutto, non ha dato niente”“Who has not given everything, has not given anything”