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Tribesports User of the Week: Hideki S!


Posted by Cags R on 23 February 2012 at 11:00 AM

Kajitsu Tribesports! This week's User of the Week is our busiest Japanese user Hideki S. We've caught up with him before he takes on the Challenge of the Tokyo marathon on Sunday to find out how he feels about the race and what his goals are for it.

 Which Challenge are you most proud of?

I am proud of the Challenge of the Tokyo marathon at the moment. I have been an applicant to the Tokyo marathon 10 times and have now been elected two years in a row.

In addition, I want to right a wrong this year because I was not able to make my goal last year of finishing within four hours.

You’ve clocked some impressive miles over January, how confident are you feeling about Sunday?

Because I practiced more than last year, I have confidence.

Which country would you most like to run your next marathon in?

I want to run New York marathon and would love to experience the Honolulu (Hawaii) marathon.

Where is the most beautiful place you would recommend to run?

The marathon course of the Tama River which is my exercise course is good, but a coastal course of Okinawa is the best.

After a long run how do you reward yourself? Secret cheesecake addict or perhaps a treat of new running kit?

Delicious wine and cooking are rewards to me. Food I am fond of eating after exercise is noodles mainly. I like all noodles (including ramen, Japanese soba, pasta).Ramen is the Chinese noodles which developed in Japan.

What has been your favourite Challenge and Tribe?

The Challenge which I focus on for the Tokyo Marathon 2012, is Run a marathon in less than 4:00hrs.

My favourite Tribe is JAPAN tribe. I want all Tribesports to know Japan. In addition, I want to spread Tribesports in Japan.

If money were no obstacle what would you dream equipment be?

I want a bicycle for triathlon. I have not yet decided what kind of bicycle I will purchase. I want to take the advice of the Tribesports users.

In addition, I intend to take advice from another Japanese Tribesports User Johnan R who is my friend from my old days.

Which Tribesports Users make your day?

I get stimulation from all users.

We’re trying new sports every month, what sportwould you like to try?

I am 50 years old this year, but want to Challenge myself to a triathlon.