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Tribesports User of the Week: Irfan Q


Posted by Irfan Q under Marathon Running, Fitness & Training on 14 February 2013 at 12:00 AM

Irfan Q User of the WeekWhich Challenge has been your toughest to date? And which are you most proud of?

There are quite a few and many of them were running challenges while going higher with mileage and intensity. It is really hard to name one, as there are so many challenges that I enjoyed and really had to work hard on.  One challenge I found was the toughest which I created myself - Run 400 miles in 6 weeks - because I had to push myself beyond my limits while being very busy with my work, family, and some important family matters. 

Running a boot camp must be hard work but a lot of fun - how would your trainees describe you? 

Yes, running a boot camp was hard but was fun as well.  It has now become a routine for me and I love to keep my camp participants very well motivated and always try to make it fun for them by introducing variety of routines while making sure that they are safe and result oriented. I recently have changed the name of my boot camp and making it a small group personal training (SGPT), which provides much more benefits than the boot camp while keeping the groups in small numbers, maximum 8 or 10. My clients give me a lot of titles/names which are very precious for me, and I give more value to those titles than the fee they pay for their training.

Irfan's bootcampMany of my participants, who never ran a mile race, now have run 5K to full marathon organised events at a decent pace.  They express their feelings in a way saying “We’ve been transformed”

Many other compliments every day from my clients are making me a better trainer.

What are your favourite exercises to put in a circuit at boot camp?

Actually I only add 3-7 minutes circuit in my session and not necessarily in every class, because my training format is not a traditional boot camp routine. I combine my routines with agility, explosive power, resistance variety (using power resistors and body weight), Isometric workouts, conditioning for action, breathing techniques, relaxation, strength and endurance. 

There are many of my favourite exercise but I’ll name 5 of those;

  1. Burpees 
  2. Lunges – Added twists
  3. Shuttle Run – 20 to 30 meters
  4. Spiderman Push-ups
  5. Encouraging the participants

Sub 3:30 marathonCongratulations on your sub 3:30 marathon, that's amazing! How did you feel when you realised how fast you'd run it?

It always feels great when you cross sub 4, sub 3.30 or sub 3 hours or much quicker. When I ran my first sub 3.30 marathon, I wasn’t really very happy because I was well short of my predicted time while I had done much faster 26.2 miler in my time-trial run.  But again, it depends on your last five crucial weeks and most importantly on the big day that how you start your race, and how you control your emotions and excitement. Most people don’t get their times because they run too fast too early which they never prepared for.  I’ve planned to run 4 marathons and 1 ultra marathon this year and now my focus is to get at least one sub 3.15 marathon this year.

What piece of sports equipment could you not live without?

I don’t play any sport anymore. I played professional cricket in the past.  There is no specific sports equipment that I could name now. But in my current situation, of course, can’t live without 7 or 8 pairs of good runners, spikes and trail runners. 

Running trainers collection

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Actually there are many and I keep communicating with many of TS members who have become good friends of mine and some of them got very good sense of humour which makes my day.  It won’t be fair if I name one, two or three because there are many. 

What's your favourite quote?

A quote from 

“I don’t know how to explain the courage, but it’s somewhere around 26.2 miles”