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Tribesports User of the Week: @jamesuk


Posted by James G on 17 February 2012 at 11:00 AM

James G you are User of the Week!

Massive school-boy grins all round! Now what we really want to know is what drives you to do the adventurous, thrill seeking Challenges such as the Tough Mudder?
I come from a sporty Rugby family with a love of the great outdoors and competing. Rugby teaches you carrying knocks and bruises through the training week sometimes you just have to tough it out and roll with it - something which I feel is important in life generally.

Having experienced my fair share of Rugby injuries and titanium pins and plates I am always seeking new exciting Challenges such as the Tough Mudder some say the medieval of all Special Forces courses.

Perseverance and work ethic is big for me: I have played with many friends who went on to play at international level. What you learn is that raw talent is not always the best indicator of future success in sport. Work ethic, training discipline and perseverance is almost as important if not more important.

You have got to find out what turns your crank. Tough Mudder brings with it the same culture, the same camaraderie and excitement all with the necessary blend of adrenalin, danger and sense of team achievement. I am organising a Tribesports inspired team for Tough Mudder UK which takes place on SAT 12 MAY & SUN 13 MAY 2012.

Now you might have guessed I do love adrenalin sports on the weekend but during the work week you would never guess what my full time job is. I am lucky enough that our office is located close to Hyde Park, allowing the joyous early morning recent Siberian weather pre-work and lunchtime Tough Mudder training runs and if time permits the scenic Westminster runs along the Thames. I just love to run and compete. I guess Tough Mudder is the nearest you can get to a no excuses culture.

Would you class yourself as an adrenaline junky or just a guy with a slightly different perspective on danger?
Christopher Hitchens always used to make light that we humans have oversized adrenal glands. I think this is true I certainly believe we should always stay sharp and in-the-now and use what nature and evolution have provided. At work I have to make solid judgment calls on budgets and leading my team so my control and management style I would say is more Jack Welch than Jeb Corliss.

I guess I am just trying to live life to the fullest. Life is too short.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I guess being forced to play Russian roulette with M&M’s with a couple of peanut ones thrown in as grenades is high on the list. Luckily enough I chose wisely. Or suggesting a big time game of credit card roulette at the Bellagio after a splendid meal with friends. That one went down to the wire. Gratis. 

Re-dislocating my right patella during a Rugby game and playing on. Tried to do the same with my dislocated ankle some years later but I couldn’t reach down as my whole foot was back to front. Wise to follow the physios advice on that one and go to hospital.

New Zealand and the Kiwi love of going big when it comes to adrenalin is surely in the mix. The Nevis in Queenstown is a particular favourite of mine. 

Always wanted to put my skis on at Angel Tube Station but that is another story.

You’ve skydived and scuba dived, the Tough Mudder will bring you up against fire and earth, which element do you feel describes you best? Earth, Fire, Water or Air?
Another tough one.

I have always felt a deep connection with the land and the power of the ocean. Whether I am out surfing in Oz or South Africa or trail running through ancient English forests that could tell a story or two. So my heart says the Ocean and my hands say the soil and the land. I guess given that all elements are made in stars and the fact that heavy elements can only be made with the death of a star by supernovae, they all have the same origins. You could even say the stars died for us to give us the atoms in our bodies. Just think the atoms in your left hand were more than likely made in a different star and furnace to the ones in your right. 

Which Tribesports user makes your day and why?
Now that is a difficult question. I would say Nikos G, Nick B and Kaye D would have to be in my top three:

Nikos a true Spartan warrior. Let’s run!! Let’s Swim!! Nikos is part man part dolphin. The bank of training and metrics Nikos uploads daily to Tribesports would have the greatest supercomputer crunching numbers and beating that man is simply impossible. A true Spartan with a kind soul and a big heart. Good luck in Africa Spartan. Bank of solid training behind you. Looking forward to reading the updates and hearing about new achievements and new recommendations. Safe trip Nikos simply #borntorun

Then there is Nick B or as I like to think the Chris Sharma esq of Tribesports. Just keeps on climbing. Simply inspirational.

Kaye D #1 the Ranulph Fiennnes of our amazing Tribesports community and culture. Need I say more.

Or really any Tribesporter that has a new recipe for Colostrum pre-work out shakes or smoothies. 

After the Tough Mudder what’s going to be you next BIG Challenge?
I would have to say that I am keen to start using Bambuser to publish Live training and event vlogs and broadcasts. I am particularly interested in getting my pro-athletes and pro-sportsmen friends onboard to share their training Live on Bambuser.

I have also been accepted into the ballot for the New York Marathon so I feel like a kid in a sweet shop with that one. It’s looking like a Tribesports team could also be heading over.

I will also look to add and improve upon my training regime and the Tribesports Tough Mudder training Spotify new open playlist and to give back to Help for Heroes and Wounded Warrior projects. 

So Tribesports are you all adrenalin converts? Here are a couple of James's most extreme achievements, why not give them a go?

Dive your first shipwreck, Do a Tandem Skydive, Ski down and black run or Hike Franz Josef Glacier, NZ

Already done those Challenges? 1) you're awesome and 2) make sure you've got them in your Achievements