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Tribesports User of the Week: Jane H


Posted by Jane H under Half Marathon Running on 15 November 2012 at 12:00 AM

Jane H profile pictureYour iconic cartwheel profile picture is awesome; what are your tips for the perfect cartwheel Challenge?

I am blessed with a gorgeous family: my husband who loves cycling with me and 3 beautiful daughters who enjoy playing netball, walking our dogs and learning the importance of developing, and living, a healthy lifestyle everyday.  My eldest daughter had a camera set up on the tripod down at the beach, takingphotos for her school media project. I happened to be ‘performing’ for the family, when she captured this one.

It is important to have a soft landing; hence the beach is an ideal setting. Warming up first is essential too, focusing on stretching the shoulders. I like to visualize straight legs with pointed toes as I launch into a cartwheel. I guess it helps that I have a ballet background, but I think that with practice anyone can Perform a perfect cartwheel.

Cartwheel progressionCartwheel progression

What Challenge has you been most proud of and which has been your toughest?

I am most proud of the Aussie Downunder team and the way we worked together in the recent 5 person relay the sequel Challenge. I believe this to be one of the strengths and benefits of Tribesports: meeting people with similar passions and encouraging each other in reaching our fitness goals. I enjoyed running with the team, getting to know them better during the relay and feeling that wonderful sense of a camaraderie and collaboration as we crossed the finish line. It was also a tough one, timing our runs, making sure we had that boomerang out running as often as possible.

The 60 second frog stand and 60 second tuck planche are proving to be difficult challenges for me to hit the complete button. They require immense balance and strength, and the ability to sustain the position, but I will persevere! I have to confess that I am not a lover of the burpee, the ground seems to be getting further away all the time!

Jane H and her dad on her wedding day

You have lots of running achievements, what's your next running goal?

Running has been a salvation to me this year. I ran my first half marathon 3 weeks after my Dad passed away in June, after battling cancer for 9 months. I find running to be such an emotional release, a place where I can be close to Dad, shed tears of despair but also feel the comfort of hope. Dad was a great sportsman, and I know how proud he would be of the 2 half marathons I have run this year. I would really love to Run a full marathon in 2013, in his honor.

Jane H running Melbourne Half Marathon

Love the amount of concurrent and training buddy Challenges you've taken on, which has been your favourite?

I find the weekly Challenge Make a Monday fitness map where we create our training programs so beneficial. It is a fabulous way to share training ideas with other members, organise TS challenges into a weekly schedule and to ensure that you are on track with your fitness goals. I also love Challenges like Go for a weekend run with a Tribe member from another country, where I ran with J.R.B from the US and Synchronized Sunday run, running with Barry Y. It makes the long run a pleasure, which is a challenge in itself!

As one of our top Aussies on site, how do you handle training in the heat? 

Living in Melbourne makes for interesting runs, one never knows what the weather will bring; it can even change dramatically during a run. In Summer I like to run late in the evening, nothing beats the feel of the cool air and the tranquility of dusk. I (reluctantly) wear a hydration belt for long runs, but would prefer to run light and to find a water source along the way. I have been known to stop at a stranger’s front yard and take sip or two of water from their garden tap!

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

Jane with her daughtersI would really love to participate in more running challenges and events in Australia: the Gold Coast is now a favourite, the Melbourne Marathon and I am planning on running in Marysville next year to support the community in their quest to rebuild their homes, and their lives, after the devastating 2009 Black Saturday fires.

Europe is calling, but my priority at the moment is my daughters (19, 17 and 12), making sure I am there for them, supporting them in their endeavours, be it school, work or relationships.

Which Tribesports users make your day?

I love chatting with members from all over the world, looking at their amazing photos, learning more about their culture and feeling connected through fitness. The Downuder team is such a great bunch of people to run with: Barry Y, Abigail H, Michael M, Marco R and Vince S. Everyone pulled together and logged so many kilometres, I am sure we covered a lot of Australia during the Challenge.

What's your favourite quote?

“Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will soar with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary”
Isaiah 40: 21-33.  

To the TS community, have enduring faith even through difficult times, be grateful for the body you have, respect it and treat it kindly.