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Tribesports User of the Week: Jennifer P


Posted by Jennifer P under Ultrarunning, Running on 6 August 2014 at 11:00 PM

Jennifer P and Phil CWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

The toughest are yet to come!  I have been working on trying to get a sub 2 hour half marathon and I am so close - 2:01:45 is my current PB.  The one I am most determined to complete is actually a team effort to travel five times round the world.  It is taking some time!

Of the ones I have completed I would have to say it was The Wall Ultra 2013.  I was injured before I started so it was a fairly stupid idea to give it a go.  Approximately 22 hours later I staggered across the finish line.  A massive achievement and one I am still incredibly proud of so probably my toughest and one I am also most proud of.  The two go hand in hand, the tougher the challenge, the greater the achievement.  

What's the story behind the Tribesports team at the Grim Reaper Ultra Marathon?

It's a longish story that starts with a few of us meeting up to go hiking in the Malverns in Feb 2013.  We realised we were a like minded bunch of people and didn't need to confine our activity to virtual challenges although we still regularly partake in those too.  @paris1933 arranged for @faykelly, @shropshire, @lisamac and I to come and visit and brought @stjmck and Jon R for moral support!  Although we had never met before we had one of the funniest weekends consisting of a 18 mile hike and a night out in Worcester.  @paris1933 and I hit it off particularly well and I have just moved in with him!

We continued to meet up and got more Tribesports users involved.  There have been meet ups all over the world and numerous races entered.  The events I have been involved in with the UK contingent include 2.8 hours later (a zombie race with @paris1933, @cindyliuhoo,  @faykelly,  @stjmck and Jon R), Tough Mudder (@paris1933@lisamac and I), Rat Race Dirty Weekend (@lisamac and I), the Wall (@paris1933@lisamac and I) and Marathon du Medoc (@paris1933@cindyliuhoo, @nicholad and I).

The Grim Reaper was the latest of the races and the team included two Tribesports users from Spain - @gemboms and @talwynw.  It was the first time the event allowed for team entries and we took advantage of that opportunity.  

Grim Reaper Team Winners

Anyone that knows or follows @gemboms will know she is a seriously impressive runner so we knew from the start we had a chance of winning.  It was a brilliant event from start to finish and what started as a close competition (35 seconds behind the second place team at the 40 mile point) turned into a solid win.  By the time we had run 50 miles as a team we were confident of a win and continued to run our race.  We finished 90 minutes ahead of the second place team!  An amazing event with a great team, all the more impressive that @paris1933 and I only met @gemboms and @talwynw the previous Thursday when we picked them up from the airport.

Any other big events on the horizon this year?

I am going to run the 2 Oceans UltraMarathon in Cape Town, South Africa with  @paris1933  and @stjmck  next year (as long as I get a qualifying time!)  It has a crazy elevation profile and will be a huge challenge for me but one I am really looking forward to.  And what a destination to race in.  I think it will be both beautiful and brutal.  @paris1933 promised @stjmck he would run the race with him next year and I refused to get left behind!

The Marathon du Medoc is definitely on some of the Tribesports team's bucket list for events - how did it go for you?

The Marathon du Medoc was such an amazing event.  A friend of mine organised accommodation and we were lucky enough to get places in the race, which is like the racing equivalent of trying to get tickets to Glastonbury, so off we travelled to France.  It was another Tribesports meet up too as @cindyliuhoo was also racing in her first marathon and @nicholad came to support.  Pretty lucky she did as she ended up being our linguist!  Despite injury, the gentle pace of the Medoc, with the multiple wine and food stops at some beautiful chateaus, meant I was able to get a personal worst of 6:27 - 6:30 being the cut off for a medal.  The silver body paint was a success and our group also won the fancy dress prize which resulted in a couple of cases of wine coming our way, as if we hadn't had enough already!  

Jennifer P and crew at Marathon de Meduc

We are going again this year and @nicholad will be running it with us this time.  The theme is Carnivals of the World and we are just starting to discuss costumes.  Watch this space!

Bramble cyclingYour photos from your cycle 100km in a day Challenge look pretty savage, what happened?!

I am not a confident cyclist to say the least.  I keep saying I will go out and practice but I am too nervous to do it on my own so I end up entering events and hoping I will get better with time!  This particular event was an attempt by a group of friends to cycle from Birmingham to Berkhamsted via the Grand Union Canal.  Approximately 20km of the route was narrow and overgrown, not the broad paths I was hoping for.  I was so nervous about cycling into the Canal that I instead consistently cycled through brambles!  But I was determined to carry on.  Unfortunately we got lost somewhere around Milton Keynes and didn't quite complete our challenge.  However, it was definitely an experience and one I shall cherish.

Do you supplement your running with many other exercises?

I am hyper-mobile and have weak glutes so I know I should do far more strength work than I actually do.  I spent the best part of a year injured but now I am more sensible in my approach and do manage to include some other exercises in my training programme.  I have just joined a gym and will be doing pilates, body pump and CX works (billed as being an all over body workout for runners!)  I'm also going to do some HIIT classes and try and get back into my weights programme.  I really enjoy Obstacle Course Racing so I want to get stronger as that will improve my performance and I might even get some PBs out of it.

Spartan Racing

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

I think running is a great way to see the World.  I already have races in S Africa and the US lined up (where I will finally get to meet @vaunettec) so I guess Asia would be a real bucket list race destination and I suspect I could meet some more Tribesports users there as well.  I have seen adverts for the Great Wall of China marathon but I know there are a lot of other smaller races out there too.  One day...

Which piece of Tribesports Performance Wear do you have your eye on?

I love the capris and long sleeve top that I already have.  They will be getting a lot of usage when it starts to get a bit cooler.  Apart from more of those, I have my eye on the half zip top in black as the fit looks flattering yet comfortable and I will need something to wear on runs to and from the gym.

Phil CWhich Tribesports users make your day? 

Too many to mention each one individually.  Having met so many in person, and with many more to meet, I would not want to miss out any of the Legendary folks I consider good friends.  But I will give a mention to @paris1933 who motivates and inspires me and continues to make me the happiest person alive.

What's your favorite quote?

Paulo Coelho has some great quotes but this one has to be my favourite:

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal"