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Tribesports User of the Week: Karen L


Posted by Karen L on 4 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

Karen L you are User of the Week!

Currently in the top 20 Tribesports users, how does it feel to win this award?

I was really excited to get into the top 20 but this is amazing !!  To be honest, it feels a little surreal when I look at the calibre of those that have had the honour before me – so many sports enthusiasts and genuinely motivating people all of whom  that I have found really inspirational.  I’d like to be a lot more like them when I grow up :)     

What’s been your toughest Challenge and which are you most proud of?

There are two that I really can’t decide between.  

When I started the 4 week double burpees Challenge, burpees  really were my nemesis. I hated them at bootcamp and was struggling to do more than 6 or 7. I genuinely didn’t believe that I would be capable of getting to the end of the 28 days and I will never forget the sense of exhilaration on getting the 56 done on the last day. Amazing !! I still can’t say they’re a favourite activity but I’m certainly no longer dreading them being called out as part of a circuits session. 

In a league of it’s own, though, Kirstie M’s To do list-finish 25% of your 'My Challenges' before you take another was a fantastically evil challenge and a part of me loved every minute of it :). The frustration of not being able to take new challenges was incredible and, because I was also taking the Complete a different Challenge every day in June,  my physical exertions were more than met by my mental gymnastics.  Oh the fear of running out of short-term do-able challenges !  In the end, I completed 154 challenges in 11 days .... there’s got to be a lesson in there somewhere  ;)

The one that I am currently most proud of is running my first 10k - Belfast Telegraph Runher Coastal Challenge. I’d had  Achilles problems for a few weeks in the run up to the race and the physio had advised that I could “consider” walk-running the route. On the day I totally surprised myself by 1. finishing (lol), 2. running the whole way and,  3. really, really enjoying it. The time of 1:05:34 was much better than I expected and I’ve now got myself a time to beat! 

Great contribution to Ben R’s Girls vs Boys Triathlon, did you enjoy the team Challenges?

I totally loved the Triathlon challenge. The timing could not have been better - I had already taken Get back on a bike and Get back into swimming and Ben R’s challenge was almost like an extra push to get on and do them !!  

The Team Challenges are great.  They seem to be bringing out the best in people and really are getting the Tribe to operate as one unit – TEAM AWESOME !   

You’re an excellent scout of video guides on site, which one has helped you most?

Am I?! I know I’ve posted a few as guides but mainly because I’m so rubbish at explaining things. If it’s true that a picture paints a thousand words, then how much better is a video? I certainly hope people have found them useful. I’m away to check my internet history lol!

You’ve ticked off the Challenge to climb Ben Nevis and Slieve Donard – any other mountains on the to-do list?

Definitely ... as many as possible!! I’ve been very involved in expedition training with Duke of Edinburgh groups for 15 years now and, until this year, have spent most of my summer week-ends in the mountains. Close to home Carantuohill is most definitely on my to-do list and I would love to bag all the Munros. If only someone could fill in at the office, perhaps I could make some more headway this year!!    

If money were no object, what would your dream Challenge be?

I would trek the length of South America !! From Ecuador’s Cloud Forest and amazing volcanoes, through Peru,  taking in the Inca Trail before climbing Aconcagua and finishing on ice cap of Southern Patagonian. (Please will someone do my day job ?)

Which is your current favourite Challenge?

I’m really enjoying Girls vs Boys Swimming - first to 100km. Even more so since the girls are currently WINNING!!  All joking aside, until two weeks ago, I hadn’t done any non-recreational swimming for at least ten years. So, thank you Tribesports for getting me back in the pool – I’m loving it!

Which users make your day?

It’s such a cop out to say it, but there are truly are too many to name.  I love @mariag1’s can-do attitude and infectious enthusiasm ,  @runningurl ‘s quirky comments make me laugh;  @lorainr totally inspires me and both @neil and @majicmonkey encourage me to keep on raising the bar. The list goes on and on - I’m meeting interesting and motivating people every day and so many posts make me smile or touch my heart.  As someone who was always a little suspicious of on-line forums (why EXACTLY would you want to chat with strangers ??!!), I’m blown away by the camaraderie, friendship and genuine interest that people on this site show for each other. Maybe TS makes my day! 

What’s your favourite sports quote?

Aw ... there’s just too many to choose from. Two of my current favourites are    

“It's never too late to become what you might have been” - George Elliot, and the ever so simple 

“Use it or lose it”. – Jimmy Connors

Oh, and there’s always the third one which I tend to save for when I’m running …. “Suck it up” – I’m saying that one a lot these days!!