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Tribesports User of the Week: Kel M


Posted by Kel M under Running, Weight Training (Strength Training), Fitness & Training on 9 January 2014 at 12:00 AM

Kels ProfileWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which has been your favourite?

Mentally.. run everyday in December, I ran 154km & surprisingly my favourite .. Ran with my best friend  last 5 runs while  on summer holidays  doesn't get much better :) & physically 31 day pull-up challenge that was toughest gig!  

What's your big goal for 2014? 

My first half marathon in April ... Only this week managed to run 18km so now I firmly believe I can do it!

I love chicks with muscles , so gonna get me a six pack & build me some guns!

Your commitment to fitness is really incredible, what advice would you give to people who are just starting out?  

Turn the tv off go out find that passion whether it's walking , running , gym and just fly with it! Plus surround yourself with like minded people! Positive encouragements & support like here on TS is amazing for your mindset :) 

Kels Running

Love your home gym, what's next on your equipment wish-list?

Rowing machine for home gym... but I have my eye on new bike  (hint hint hubby), doing it tough on really cheap mountain bike ATM .

Kels home gym

Your running for December was really impressive, what was harder; running every day or the increased distances you covered? 

Lacing up every day certainly was a mental challenge more than physical one which I'm very surprised - expected body to scream 'n' yell more lol. I think fuelling  with healthy foods & plenty water & stretching before & after I'm sure makes huge difference with recovery on the body.

Mud runWhich Obstacle course race are you most looking forward to this year (we know there's a lot on your hit list!)

True grit!! 30 obstacles 14km  in April. Last year it was my first ever run mud obstacle   event EVER! No idea what I'd signed  for! I felt I let my team down being weakest link ,until then had never ran more than 6km .. so this year I will be out firing on beast mode! 

How do you most like to spend your down time when you're not working out?

At the beach .. We have holiday house at the beach ..great family time to chill get back to basics ..card games , walking , swimming , playing playgrounds .. Fun ..just love it !! 

Kels and family at the beach

Which Tribesports user makes your day? 

Wow .. Over the course of year there's been many inspiring TS legends!  Matteo, Jarod, Murray never fail to inspire & support! 

What's your favorite quote?

"No ifs , ands or Jiggly butts" - my 2014 motto

And bio ATM ...

There's no magic pill 
No special shake 
No secret diet