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Tribesports User of the Week: Kevin G


Posted by Kevin G under Running on 18 June 2014 at 11:00 PM

Kevin G What Tribesports challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

Two years ago, aged 51 I retired and took up fitness and running.  

My toughest challenge both physically and mentally would have to be the “Run Your Own Marathon”.  I am a self taught runner who followed a 17 week plan and had to learn and understand nutrition, hydration and mental strategies.  I ran solo in 4:48:12 with my wife as sole spectator, encourager and food and drink provider.

I am proud of completing “Run a Half Marathon in Less than 2 hours” with a time of 1:59:39.

I am also proud of “Run with your Partner” as I coached my wife (@SamWalton) to run a 10Km and she achieved what she thought was an impossible ambition.

Your event stats are pretty impressive, which has been your favourite race to date?

I believe that health, fitness and fun go hand in hand so my favourite event has to be the Cancer Research 2013 Shine Half Marathon Walk.

A night time walk for a great cause, in the rain obviously, passing all the landmarks of London with only brightly lit fellow walkers around you.

Paris Half MarathonWas there a particular event you’ve run which you’d say has the best atmosphere?

The Paris Half Marathon in March 2014 is my favourite running race and had an amazing atmosphere.  You start in the woodlands of Chateau De Vincennes and then run along the side of the River Seine until reaching Notre Dame and then loop back.  The streets were filled with thousands of people cheering us on and it still gives me goose bumps when I look at my medal.

Congratulations on your huge fundraising efforts for Get Kids Going, any tips for fellow Tribers on how to hit those charity targets?

Thank you and thank you to every Triber who took my “Convert 5,000+ Run/Walk Miles to Pennies” challenge.  7,000 miles were logged, £70 added to the donations and a total of £1,375 raised.


  • Pick an event that is unusual, be it type or location.
  • Target one fund raising event a year and put 100% effort in to this event.
  • Pick a charity that you passionately believe in.
  • Make a note of the money you save from “buy one get one free” offers, money saved by using loyalty card points etc and add this to your donations, it’s amazing how this adds up.
  • Contact everyone you know and if email doesn’t work try face to face, it often gets better results!

With an Olympic distance triathlon already under your belt, will you be hitting any bigger distances in the future?

Serious triathletes, please look away now.

My Olympic distance triathlon was achieved by swimming 1 mile in my local pool, cycling 40Km on a spinning bike at my gym and running 10Km in the great outdoors, needless to say, my transitions were slightly untraditional!

I would recommend the Swim 1 mile, Cycle 50Km and Run 10Km as excellent training challenges to take.

My next step up will be to complete an Ironman distance in a month, fortnight week etc.

What’s your favourite type of nutrition Challenge?

I like to take nutritional challenges which are both challenging and unusual.  The Alphabet Fruit & Veg  and the Buy, Prepare and Eat a Vegetable You Have Never Tried Before being good examples.

Out of the huge number of water challenges I particularly like the Drink Water challenge, this emphasises the correct times to take water and its effectiveness on the human body.

A number of Tribers have recently created the Apple Dumpling Club which has now becomes the Energizer Vitamin C’ers.  This ever growing group is taking specific nutritional challenges and completing them together, great fun.

French Where in the world would you like to complete a Challenge?

France seems to have a hold on me at the moment so I would love to run the Palace of Versailles 15Km in its spectacular grounds.

Also, as a volunteer for this years Tour De France, I would one day like to cycle the route of one of the actual French stages.

Which Tribesports users make your day?

@SamWalton – My wife, who truly cares, loves and helps me to succeed xx

@BabyGirl93086 – Quite simply my helper, advisor, encourager, inspiration and my best friend on Tribesports.

@KristinB3 - A truly caring and lovely person who gives her all and has a wicked sense of humour.

@Dash1977 - A great guy who is fun, human, takes himself out of his comfort zone and lifts/trains like a super-human, inspirational.

@luffy and @candycaned  - A great family whose achievements are inspirational and who I can’t wait to meet in London in a couple of weeks time.

Kevin G and family

What’s your favourite quote?

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."