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Tribesports User of the Week: Kirsten M


Posted by Kirsten M under Running, Horse Riding on 2 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

Kirsten M profileWhat's been your toughest Tribesports Challenge and which are you most proud of?

At the beginning so many of the challenges were tough and some still are but I know my limits now though I keep trying to raise that bar, however the toughest and I will do anything to avoid is the dreaded burpees and the straight leg lifts though I have got much better at those, proudest is 1000km running in a year and really hope to complete the 1313km running in 2013 I'm nearly there!

How do you find time to fit in exercise around your life on the farm?

Certain times of the year it is very difficult - not so much getting the time but having the energy left to go out and exercise when we've had a long busy day especially through calving and lambing, but I'm determined as I've got fitter over the last year not to let that go so I guess my mental attitude to fitness has changed a lot for the better.

Glad to see your horse is back to full health, will you be competing this year? 

I'm delighted to have Brooke back to full health for now, she has been a huge part of my life but I have taken the decision as her condition is degenerative to continue only to hack with her for as long as she is well enough to cope, I don't agree with filling her with painkillers that will ultimately affect her kidneys, her well-being is more important to me and our youngest daughter is riding her around the farm and enjoying her.  I might contemplate getting another competition horse but I am in no rush as having so much fun with my running!  When the time is right I believe the right horse will find me but for now Brooke comes first.

Kirsten and Brooke

Which exercises do you do to supplement your horse riding?

Kirsten stretching outRunning keeps my legs supple, stretching, Pilates and core work is very important also for my balance and strength and I have focused on this a great deal this year, though we will see what my instructor says when I get back to hardcore lessons in the winter ha ha!

Congrats on your half marathon time, any other running events on the horizon?

Thank you I must admit if someone had said this time last year that I would have run a half marathon in 1:53 mins I would have been shocked, as I used to think 10k'ers were hard core!! Running is so addictive and my little ladies running group are my focus just now, they were all marshalls at the first local event I have ever organised - the Cowalfest 5k fun run and 10k which took place early in October and will now be an annual event in Argyll, I want to take them to Movember 5k in Glasgow and our local Santa Dash which will be held for the first time at end November!

My dream though is to complete an ultra, so I'm going to focus on building mileage in the winter and a few 10k's to keep me motivated when the farm work allows and I will take it from there if I stay injury free I might just go for it!

Kirsten's view on runsYou're busting out some impressive mileage on hilly training runs, what's your favourite terrain to run on?

I am so so lucky, I literally trip over the dog, walk out the door and the hills are right there, we live in one of the most stunning parts of Scotland, hills and spectacular scenery everywhere, all peaceful, colourful, arduous but heaven to run, wildlife everywhere - a normal run can have roe and red deer, buzzard, golden eagle, to name a few - apart from the breathtaking views - I can't imagine being anywhere else, forestry roads and paths all usually empty except for the dogs and me! It builds my stamina and helps me deal with whatever life throws at me on the farm!

Any big plans for halloween?

Yes we are going to Benmore Botanic Gardens for the Glowing Giants where they are lighting up an avenue of giant redwoods with giant puppets, aerial stunts etc.

Is your family very active too?

Do they have an option lol! Yes they are and I'm very proud of them all, one daughter's a keen rider, one has joined me running and my husband is a keen clay pigeon shooter but even more exciting is we are going to get mountain bikes and get out on the hills just to mix up the activities, I just wish I had started this years ago!

Where in the world would you most like the complete a Challenge?

Gosh I have never really thought about it, but I do have a wish to run the French Riviera Marathon, I guess living in Scotland with all its beauties means I have it all and for that I'm so very grateful that I don't need to look too much further.

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Where to begin - @theplodder for being there from the very beginning and my first ever follower, @andrewm for being the most amazing fundraiser and runner, I got one of his books last year for Christmas, 6 marathons, 6 days among other fundraisers, he is just phenomenal, @lostineternity99 and @euniceyeo - you two are so amazing!


 @matteor for every single daily encouragement and that makes me smile, @weasel777 a fellow Scot who has helped get me to where I am now and who pushed me to believe I could run my first half marathon, @d1haj for all those fruit challenges, @sentientOne for the encouragements, @shawn1340 for all the running challenges I have taken.

@horseygeorge for the love of the horse, @mariag1 a fellow running addict, @stephenc14 for motivating me into daft challenges and too many more users to mention, without you all Tribesports just wouldn't work!

What's your favourite quote?

As a rider - Winston Churchill's "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle"

As a runner - a Raramuri proverb "When you run on the earth and with the earth, you can run forever"