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Tribesports User of the Week: Lisa M


Posted by Lisa M under Running, Fitness & Training on 1 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Lisa M you are User of the Week!

First off, thank you for basically leading the original Team Squats to victory! How excited are you about the Tribe-A-Lympics?

Thank you, I like to make sure I do my bit!

I’m extremely excited, I feel like I’m taking part in the real thing and looking forward to that medal ceremony at the end!  I’m also hoping that this is the push I need to get back into the swimming pool which is not one of my preferred training methods but it’s not about me – it’s about Europe, LOL! 

I have to admit, I love all the challenges where we are working as a team, the support, motivation and camaraderie is just amazing and everyone wants to do that little bit more.  I’m guessing that many PB’s have been broken over the past month since they started to take off – I know I’ve pushed myself more than I usually would.

Which Challenge has been your toughest and which has been your favourite?

You will probably laugh but my toughest has to be - Stand on one leg with your eyes closed! I found it so difficult, give me a marathon or 500 burpees anytime over this. A little tip, actually standing in the corner of the room facing the wall really helps.  At first I was standing in the middle of the room falling all over the place – just impossible.  It took me a while, but I did it in the end!

I have so many favourites, as I said earlier I love the team challenges, I also like challenges which do really challenge me and I’m not ticking it off because I do it every day – I am a pretty determined individual and I hate to be beaten!

Great pic in the Abs of Steel Tribe – what would be your top tip for getting more definition in your abs?

There’s still a lot of work to be done there!  If you want abs you have to lose fat, to lose fat you need to increase your metabolism and to do this you need to build muscle.  It’s not about doing crunches it’s about working those bigger muscles – your hamstrings, glutes,  and quads by doing squats, lunges etc – even better if you’re lifting weights at the same time and of course you need to watch your diet - I totally agree with Adrian Ks methods.

How on Earth do you love burpees so much?!

I love things that challenge me, I remember when I first did burpees 10 years ago, I found them tough but I was not going to let them beat me, over the years I’ve just done them.  Burpees are a great workout, I’ve now done quite a few 30min sessions and they are probably the exercise that gets me sweating/puffing the most – I love that feeling!  I think I’ve talked myself into loving them too for my clients, when I’m with a client I can’t say I hate them because it gives them a negative image – if you are enthused about something you generally enthuse others – one day everyone will love them – that is my mission : )

Living on the Queen’s doorstep in Berkshire, do you train around the castle much? It’s got a great mix of rural and urban, where do you prefer to train? Ever see Her Majesty walking the corgies?!

I’m always training by the castle – Windsor Park is my second home, it is so beautiful and I have so many running routes from 3mile to 30mile, just depends how I feel on the day.  I’m also forever finding little detours that I don’t know about.  Cow Pond, which is also within the park is my favourite meditation spot, I love spending time there – my challenge is to know all the park.  

You can generally see Her Maj, at 11am on a Sunday morning heading up the’ long walk’ in the Rolls, off to the chapel.  The only time I’ve seen her out of the car was earlier this year when Royal Ascot was on and she was getting out of the car and into the open top carriage to head to the races.

What motivated you to run an Ultra Marathon?

I feel like a bit of a cheat here – I haven’t done an ‘official’ Ultra YET but I have done a 30mile run on my own, I think one of the Tribesporters told me to still tick it off as 30mile is 30mile!  I am hoping to do a ‘proper’ one in the near future though.  What motivated me to do 30mile?  Well I have to blame Nick B for that one, aka majicmonkey – he was down a team member for the 100k Trailwalker about 4wks before the race and asked if I’d be up for joining the team.  He said the team were up to about 30mile so if I could walk that then I’d be fine.  I don’t really do walking : )

Can you name your dream 3 training partners; one historic, one current sports star and one Tribesports user? What Challenges would you complete with them?

Historic – this is a tough one, I’m thinking maybe boxing with Mohammed Ali

Current sports star – probably Jess Ennis, as she is a great overall athlete – not just 1 discipline

Tribesports user – Weights with Adrian K, I’m not good a weightlifting and need to do more – I think I’d learn a lot, Yoga with Sian S and running with Bryce A

You have loads of motivational images, which one is your favourite?

There are so many great ones out there – very hard to pick a favourite, I love finding images – I do like ‘Sweat is Fat crying’  I also like the one showing the internal battle – it resonates!

What’s your next big Challenge?

I’m not sure really, I have been thinking about this since the Trailerwalker and haven’t yet come up with anything other than an Ultra. I did think about cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats but I don’t have 14 days spare – it’ll need to be something that doesn’t take more than a weekend – suggestions more than welcome : )