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Tribesports User of the Week: @lovejoy


Posted by David L on 29 March 2012 at 11:19 AM

David L you are User of the Week!

An astonishing rise into the top 20 and smashing into the top 10 today, @lovejoy is one of our fastest leader board climbers ever.

What attracted you to Tribesports?

I had been bouncing from site to site recently, trying to find that right mix of function and  interaction.  There are sites that do one or the other well, but this is the first that has such a solid mix of both.  The international flavour of it did not hurt, either.

You’re goal for the year is to run an Ultra-marathon, what’s your favourite distance you’ve run so far?

My favourite yearly run is a 12k, a hilly local run known as the Sound to Narrows.   It actually covers the same territory (though on paved track) as my ultra will later in the year.  It is very beautiful, with views of our awesome double bridge and sound.   I think, though, that  the Half Marathon is my favourite distance overall, as it is fast but not over in a blink.  It is, however, not quite the event that the marathon is.  I always feel a bit changed after running the full 26.2

What’s been your favourite marathon? @Hidekis will be very jealous that you’ve run the Honolulu; it’s on his dream marathon wish list!

The Portland Marathon, without a doubt.  It is the most welcoming, best supported, and flattest that I know.  Even getting rained on did not spoil the experience.  Honolulu was lovely to look at, but was a bit slow and cramped, and not particularly well supported.  I love our local Tacoma City, but my wife runs the med tent (and I sometimes work the critical care area of it) so I don’t actually get to run the thing.

If you had unlimited funds what are your 5 dream items of equipment?

Oh, I don’t know if I could just lay five out, but there are Campy wheels and Crank Bros pedals in there that I would never buy on my own, but probably should just the same.  Who wouldn’t love to be riding all Campy, for goodness sake?  There are also a few Sole treadmills in there that would be an epic step up from my own.  I am a father of small children, and a treadmill makes all the difference when it comes to working in time to train!  A really nice one can make it a much less painful compromise.

What’s been your favourite Challenge and which one are you most proud of?

The Push Up Challenges have made the most visible difference for me.   That impetus to just keep doing it, day in and day out, has really helped me get over the top.  However, the ones I am most proud of are the Welcome Challenges.  I enjoy welcoming new members, and helping to make personal ties that will keep people active and coming back.

There are quite a few yoga Challenges in your achievements, do you find it helps your running or do you use yoga for meditative purposes?

Neither, really.  I have no anecdotal experience or statistical evidence that yoga will help me run, and I don’t understand its meditative properties.  For my purposes, it is low impact, full range of motion strengthening and balance.  I also stink at it, and that bugs me a bit.

What’s your favourite quote that keeps you motivated?

I honestly can’t think of one.  What motivates me to keep going is the idea that I am doing something this week that, perhaps, I could not do last week.  And the anticipation that next week will feature something just as surprising.  It is that perpetual sense of amazement that drives me, and it is very like watching your children learn new skills and gain insight into their potential.  Why should we not have that same sense of accomplishment?

Can you recommend a sports book or movie that has helped you improve your sport?

On movies, I am a traditionalist, and favour Breaking Away.  In books, I finally finished Born to Run, and almost burned my shoes.  


Which Tribesports users make your day and which do you find most inspirational?

It is such a joy, meeting new people with new stories almost every time I log in.  I almost forget to keep up any kind of consistent contact with anyone.  I find @greenfairy to be a joy to talk to, Frank P will be joining me in the top 20 any moment, and Shalini S has been great fun.  Dianna J has been a bit of a revelation, such a strong and driven person completely taking ownership of her fitness.  The gracious way in which Hideki, Kaye, Neil, and Joanna reach out to other members is particularly inspiring.  I think that degree of friendly welcome can take a great deal of the fear out of fitness, and help people reach some degree of success, which can be addictive.  Who would not want to be part of that?