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Tribesports User of the Week: Micah G


Posted by Micah G under Adventure Racing, Golf, Fitness & Training on 22 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Love the Tribal face paint in your profile picture - what were you doing in it?

My college has a midnight fun run and my friends and I decided to dress up as fierce Apache warriors. Perhaps it was just an excuse to wear a loin cloth and face paint. It was a great night, but my loin cloth was too tight so my running form definitely suffered. I never would have thought to use it as my Tribesports profile picture, but I was suddenly reminded of it by the default image that appears when people don’t choose a profile picture (the faceless silhouette with two paint streaks). I modeled my picture after those default pictures. In the future, I plan on changing my photo to something that better shows my personality or athletic endeavors, but in that new picture I still plan to have the two orange painted stripes on my left cheek to show my Tribesports pride!

Which has been your toughest Challenge to date and which has been your favourite?

Honestly, the 400m Off the Couch Swim was almost the death of me. Many years ago, I had been involved in swimming and figured I still had the stamina and power to put up a decent time. I underestimated how much my sedentary college lifestyle had affected me. I floundered through those 400 meters (the lifeguard looked concerned and ready to jump in) and posted a terrible time. It was a great wakeup call to get in better shape and relearn how to distance swim. Currently my favorite Challenge(s) is a three way tie between the Tribe-a-lympics Swimming, Cycling and Running events! It is quite motivating to be exercising as part of a team, and the added incentive of those special medals certainly doesn’t hurt either. Many days I have found myself performing a mini-triathlon so that I can log distance for all three challenges!

You've taken on the Swear word push-up Challenge, how full was your metaphorical swear jar?

Well, not only did I take it on, but I created it! I have quite the colorful vocabulary, so I figured this challenge would either help me reign in my naughty language, or help me get in great shape. It was win-win! I made it through the first two days of the challenge with just 40 push-ups (4 swear words), but that third day ended up being a nightmare. I got invited to gamble at the horseraces, and my horses ended up usually finishing dead last. Many people got to witness the strange site of some guy busting out pushups after almost every race. Even the one time my horse won, I accidently swore in celebration. I honestly lost track of how many total push-ups I did, but I woke up extremely sore the next day. Luckily it was only a three day challenge, so I cussed up a storm on that fourth day, guilt free!

Tough Mudders are becoming so popular, how did you find your Tough Mudder experience?

It was incredible. I have never been in a race that involved more cooperation and camaraderie. Calling it a “race” even fails to capture what Tough Mudders are about. This was a 12-mile group fitness celebration. Complete strangers help boost you over walls, offer their hand as you climb up obstacles, and basically demonstrate that you aren’t their competitor, you are just a fellow Tough Mudder. It is impossible not to get caught up in this attitude. I spent 30 minutes at the top of a slicked down half-pipe helping to catch people who ran up and basically hurled themselves at us in the hope that we could grab onto them. Someone had grabbed me and pulled me to the top, and there was no way I was going to move on without paying it forward. We made human chains to pull people up, and the people we pulled up generally stayed to help. No one seemed to care about finishing first, they cared about everyone finishing. That was a defining moment of the Tough Mudder for me; it was sportsmanship unlike anything I had ever seen. None of the obstacles were scary to me after that, because I knew that every person around me was ready to help if I needed it. I plan on doing many more Tough Mudders in the future, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone. You even get a free beer at the end!

There's a great variety of sports in your achievements - which sports are still on the to do list?

I have never run a marathon, or done an Ironman triathlon, so those are major long term goals at the top of my to-do list. Watching the Olympics has also given me the desire to try some of the more obscure (to me) sports, like handball and water polo. As well, I read the Hunger Games book series and saw the finals of Olympic archery (poor U.S. team), so learning how to shoot a bow is definitely on my to-do list. Pole vaulting and javelin also both seem like fun, but I hear pole vaulting is extremely dangerous and no one will trust me with a pointy spear, so who knows if I actually will give those two a try. Honestly, there really isn’t a sport out there that I wouldn’t want to try; I just love learning new skills and getting better at new sports!

With golf becoming an Olympic sport in 2016, will you be heading down the driving range to hone your skills?

I would love to be in the Olympic golf event for Rio, but that is many driving range visits away from happening! However, I am on a challenge to hit 10,000 golf shots by the end of the year, so that should get me over to the course enough to kick start my way to the gold! When I am accepting my medal, I will most certainly remember Tribesports and how great it has been as a motivational tool and a supporting community! Maybe I’ll create a “win the Rio Olympics gold medal for golf” challenge so I can have extra incentive to practice.

Which Tribesports users inspire you?

First, of course, I have to mention Kaye D. When I joined the site and noticed that there was a ranking system, I just had to check out who was number 1. I was quite impressed with her profile, and the longer I’ve been on here the more I have seen how involved she is both athletically and intellectually. She logs impressive training runs, and then turns around and gets involved in creating great challenges and discussions. Helen T and Maria G are two users who always seem to have nice things to say to encourage me, and having a cheering section like that is inspirational! They seem like great people who are motivated to achieve, and having people like that in your corner certainly helps! Rob R was the first person who ever followed me on Tribesports, so I also have to note that he was inspiring in that way. Got me hooked on the site once I could see that other people would follow my progress and cared about it!

What's your favourite sports quote?

I LOVE quotes (even made a tribe devoted to them) so it is painful to be asked to pick just one. But right now this one stands out for me:

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” – Vince Lombardi.