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Tribesports User of the Week: Michelle N


Posted by Shelenova N under Half Marathon Running, Nutrition on 10 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

Michelle profileWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

I love doing your challenges on Tribesport, It really does keep you motivated and entertained during any fitness or diet program that you are doing. I feel the toughest challenge for me is getting the proper amount of sleep consecutively. It sounds so simple until you actually try for 7 days in a row. Another would be some of the poses.. wall squats, standing in a corner on one leg with your eyes closed, advanced yoga poses etc...

 I would say the No smoking for a year Challenge is the one I have the most pride in accomplishing. Another would be Run your first 1/2 Marathon. I don't think I would have ever accomplished it if it were not for this site. Thank you!!

After all your training for the Atlantic City Half Marathon, how were you feeling before the big race?

I'm feeling young and alive yet I am a pile of nerves for both the run and the poker tournament afterwards. I do plan on breathing it all in slowly and staying focused on just crossing the finish line safely and then eating up some poker chips like candy so to speak...

And how did the race go?

Beautiful weather well organized and finished in 2h 36m about 10 min faster than my first half!  The poker went well, no PB in there though. We had 80+ players, I didn't make final table - I came close though! 13th place after 5 hours playing and having a few knock outs.

Kayaking Michelle

What's on the horizon for your next big Challenge?

With the warm weather approaching I do plan on getting back into barefoot beach running. My next big challenge is to run a 1/2 Marathon barefoot on the beach. I have entered a Summer Heat Virtual 1/2 Marathon & Treadmill Challenge with the suggestion from Shawn C at the end of July.  I will be starting my weekend long runs there to prepare for it. I also have on my to-do list... paddle board yoga to try this summer,I am just waiting patiently now for mother nature to do the right thing.

Your food photos look amazing, which of your recipes would you say is your favourite?

Thank you,who doesn't love food!?!  I  enjoy entertaining with food & love to cook, it is relaxing when you want it to be, turn on a little Frank Sinatra and just go with the music.. Cindy L created a great Tribe to show off your culinary talents. As for my favorite dish I would have to say my "Chicken Marsala" or" Shrimp Scampi", another homemade favorite of mine would be a beverage 3 months in the making of my "Crema Limoncello", Salute!

The Rubik Cube fruit salad is pretty impressive, what's the story?

The Fruit Rubik Cube picture was sent to me from a friend who knows how much I love to entertain and how I love fruit. The creation is fabulous and I will save that idea for a small dinner party desert. It really does look like a lot of fun to make and can be done with a variety of fruits and cheeses. Just get creative.

Rubik Cube dessert

Getting active with the family can be tough, how do you manage it?

Active family

Now that my children are older and on their own it makes it hard to get together, but having a summer home at the beach does make it a little easier on weekends for not only my children but my Niece and Nephews also to get together weather it is just to relax on the beach, swim, fish or to be more adventurous with watersports, Sunday is always a day well spent together there. We have been working hard together all winter repairing our home destroyed by Huricane Sandy, although we are not quite finished I think the storm and the aftermath has given my family a new meaning on what is important to them in life. 

Love your photo on the speedboat - how much time do you get to spend out on the water?

Boats and wave runners are something that has always been a big part of our family. Between the watersports, crabbing & clamming or just cruising the sunset, we are on the bay every weekend in the summer with "Ambitions At Bay" (that's her name). She was one of the lucky ones to survive the hurricane and we are looking forward be able enjoy her again this summer.

Speed boat!

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

A day without wine is a day without sunshine

There is a long list of TS users that are so uplifting to me and I would not want to leave anyone out. Everyone here at TS can be so motivating and eager to help you reach a desired goal. Its such a phenomenal group here.

What's your favourite quote?

What is my Favorite quote? That is a good question... there are many quotes that have great meaning a few favorites... 

George Carlin: "Here's all you need to know about men and women. Women are crazy and men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid"  - My husband and I go back and forth with that one all the time.

"A giorno senza vino e' come una giorno senza sole" ..meaning.."A day without wine is like a day without sunshine" 

Jimmy Buffett: "Wrinkles only go where your smiles have been"