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Tribesports User of the Week: Mirja E


Posted by Mirja E under Fitness & Training on 16 April 2014 at 11:00 PM

Mirja EWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

Hands down the Set your running goal in September. The goal of 70 km was absolutely reasonable, but after an unexpected but totally welcomed week with my boyfriend, I was badly behind and had to make a monumental 16+ km running interval on the day before the deadline. I literally crawled up the stairs afterwards.

However, I am probably even more proud of going from being able to run maybe 100m to my first 5 km in just a few weeks. The feeling after finishing was absolutely amazing and the time was quite good too (34:10).

What's your current gym plan like? 

Matteo was kind enough to make me a really good and solid training plan. For now, the empasise is on losing fat. Gaining muscle while at it, is for the moment just a nice bonus.


The plan includes 4 gym days, each day training specific muscle groups in the form of circuit training. The plan also includes a recovery week every 4 weeks and changes after that. I also walk every day a bit over 4 km at school and that offers a nice relaxing movement besides the gym.

What's the story with your knee injury? Are you able to run much at the moment?

Technically, it's not an injury. I have been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrom for the time being but it's more likely Ehler-Danlos syndom, which in essence means, there is a mistake in the production of collagen. And as collagen is an essential building material for cartilage, that causes the cartilage to be soft and wear down easily. I have had surgery done to both knees to remove the damaged and inflamed cartilage.

Running right now is on hold more due to the weather, rather than the knees. I was very surprised and happy to discover last September, that my knees liked running very much and it actually helped make them stronger. So as soon as the weather allows, I'm hitting the track again.

Swimming's a great way low-impact way to train, how's your goal to swim twice a week going?

Sadly, not really. I can hardly find time for homework between school, gym and being a good girlfriend, that for now I haven't even tried to fit that in my schedule aswell. But it's still in the plan and I have full intentions of fulfilling it.

You're making such great progress on your weightloss goals, any advice for other just starting out?

Stick with what you want. There's really not much more to it. Easy said, really hard to do, though. Getting back into exercising has been one of the toughest things I've ever done (including living in different countries with my boyfriend for 7 years) and it really is true, that the longest distance is between the couch and the door. Once you get over that, you're good. But before you just have to keep picking yourself up every time you fall and not giving up. One cheat day does not mean, there has to be or should be a second and a third.

So you ate some cake at a birthday? So what? Enjoy it and go burn it off.

Food is something we need and that means a lot to us humans. It's not something you should really deny yourself. As long as your overall diet is balanced and healthy, there's no harm done in occasional "junk" being eaten. Just please don't feel guilty about it. And don't limit your calories, when you train hard!

Mirja Mountains

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

I don't have a specific dream place. I have always loved Australia, so it would be great to do something there. But if to come back to Earth, I'd really like to have a nice run on the beach somewhere warm.


Which Tribesports user makes your day? 

First and foremost, @matteor. He has supported me since the very beginning of my journey. He is an awesome friend and a really great trainer. His plan has been by far yielded in the quickest and nicest results so far. And he is good to the core.

Secondly, I have to mention @mspieth. She is the twin I never knew I had. It is an amazing feeling to find a person from the other side of the world, who's not only built like you, but also has your twisted sense of humour and limited filter to the sarcasm wanting to escape every moment it gets the chance. You rock, chica!

And thirdly, I am bound to mention @vylisa, the only other person to also have a featured workout. I knew from the moment she joined TS, that there was something special in her and she has turned out to be exactly that – a very special person, a true fitness maniac and a wonderful single mother.

Mirja BoyfriendWhat's your favorite quote?

I have no idea, where it originates, but I love the quote that is currently also my background: "It's not sweat. It's my fat crying."

The second one I try my best to live by: "There is no such thing as an impossible dream. There is just a limited understanding of what is possible."