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Tribesports User of the Week: Nuchi N


Posted by Nuchi N under Fitness & Training on 15 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

Nuchi profileWhat has been your toughest Challenge on Tribesports and which are you most proud of?

The toughest Challenges for me are the 30 day Challenge. There are so many of them and when I first started from day 1, I always thought I could never ever do that many reps/minutes by day 30. The most recent one that I have just completed is the 30 day chair dip challenge. I could never ever think I was capable of doing that many reps in one day. So I would say the 30 day chair dip challenge would be the one that I am most proud of in term of individual Challenge.

Or when I was doing the Boys vs Girls, I really pushed myself to do as many reps as I can just to help out the girls team.  The Girls vs Boys jumping jacks would always be the highlight for me too as I met so many friendly members on there and continued following them and their Challenges until today. I still remember that there was a day when I was doing several thousands of jumping jacks in a day.

I was so unfit last year that walking up a flight of stairs was a struggle for me. So that was a big achievement for me too. I must admit that Tribesports has really changed my life. I was so unfit and unhealthy before. Since I joined Tribesports in November 2012, I have achieved so much and I am so grateful for all members who have been so encouraging and supportive throughout my Tribesports journey. I love meeting new friends on Tribesports. In just less than a year since I joined, I have improved so much. I now can do things that I could never ever imagine that I could do.

Most importantly, I know that I am healthy now. I used to be told that my lung capacity was much lower than an average person. My heart always beats faster than others and I feel tired easily. My cholesterol and sugar level were so high that the doctor was worried especially for someone at my age. But I just had my blood tests this week and everything has improved and now everything is in healthy range. I am so grateful and really owe this to Tribesports community. So I would also say another proudest moment is actually when I was told I am the user of the week as I never thought this day would ever come for me. Thank you ;-) 

What's your biggest Challenge for 2013? How close are you to reaching it?

I have taken so many Challenges and it is hard to say which one is my biggest. I love the xxx reps of certain types of exercise challenges because I can just keep going at my pace and every second, I am closer to my goal. An example would be 100,000 crunches in 2013. I am at about 70,000 so I will definitely be finishing it off soon. I will just keep on going improving myself and trying to complete as many challenges as I can. Even while I am on holiday now, every night before going to bed, I had the urge to do something like crunches, dips, push ups, squats, wall squats, etc. I will just keep doing it. Sometimes I feel like I must keep doing so that I can catch up with someone like Rick and Eunice.

You've got loads of different workout DVDs on your profile - which one would you recommend to a friend?

Ripped in 30I love working out with workout DVDs as I can just do them in my own time in my own little space. Currently, I live in a university accommodation and as I have so many DVDs, I started setting up sessions where anyone can just come and join me 4 days a week in our common room. (In fact, I have invited a few of them to join TS too and they are loving it.)

Sometimes young children ranging from the age of 4-10 also came to join me too for the Zumba sessions. My favourite one in terms of high intensity workout would be Jillian Michael's ripped in 30. The session is short and there are 4 levels. You will definitely sweat with this one and it is good when you don't have too much time. For yoga, I would definitely recommend Rodney Yee's power work out. The whole routine really makes you relax and stretch your whole body. I become so much more flexible with this DVD. I could now do the positions that I could never imagine of being able to do so before.

Nuchi's medal!

Last year, a couple of 7-10 years old girls actually came to join me for the Zumba sessions. A couple of sessions, they were making medals and gave them out to those who came to join the class. It was very sweet of them. They watched us dance and rated us and gave us the medal and I also got the crown too ;-)

Weekly and monthly Challenges clearly motivate you - which has been the toughest to stick to?

All the 30 day ones are tough as I often can't stick to it for the whole 30 days consecutively especially when the numbers of reps keep increasing. I sometimes have to do a double just to make up for the days that I couldn't really do it. I actually prefer the Challenges that just require us to do xx times in xx days/weeks as anyone can do as many reps that they can in their own pace. So I started to create many of those kinds of challenges too and thank you to everyone for taking my Challenges.

Glad to see you've pledged to the Kickstarter campaign - what product would you add to our range of Performance wear range?

I love the Kickstarter campaign and really look forward to receiving my Capri pant in November. I love it so much that I am thinking of pledging again using another email address just to order another one! In term of adding to the range, I would really love to see a racer back tank top or a sport bra. 

Tribesports performance capris

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

I live in Durham, UK so I would have to say that is where. I am lucky that I have a job that allows flexibility. On the day that I am not teaching, I could be preparing material from home and work out at the same time. It helps me relax.

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Nuchi on the beachThis is really hard to say. It is impossible to just pick one particular user. I would actually name a few (apologise for those who I haven't named here). I do love TS community and everyone here is so friendly. Your encouragement really pushes me to work harder. The first persons that actually made me feel so welcome are Rick P and Eunice Y - they were actually the first who sent me messages and until now they are still encouraging me and left me comments. Anne T and Steve M have been such an inspiration, they have been encouraging me a lot and their stories are really inspirational. Anne Margaret S is also someone I am very fond of - I love all of her Challenges and always keen to see what else she will come up with. Matteo R and Maryse D are also people who I love to see when I join the Challenges with them. They just make me smile ;-) Teresa D is also someone who I look up to.

There are also many other members that I have followed who have created great Challenges such as Helen L and Loretta A. I am sure I have forgotten many people here but I know they know that they also have made my day ;-) 

What's your favourite quote?

If you don't succeed today, there is always tomorrow. Don't give up.