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Tribesports User of the Week: Paris F


Posted by Paris F under Volleyball, Running on 8 November 2012 at 12:00 AM

Paris F profileWhat has been your hardest Tribesports Challenge and which are you most proud of?

The hardest Challenge would have to be Touch Your Forehead To Your Knees which is one Challenge I'm still working on! After two hard months of stretching every day, I can finally do it, but not for a long time because my body resists to do it! I always had acceptable flexibility, but let's just say it's one of my personal goals to increase my flexibility as much as I can. I haven't trained or practised gymnastics, but I love all the things you can do in there! So I feel motivated to do it.

The Challenge I feel most proud is definetly 50 push-ups a day for one week. I never, EVER thought I can do more than 30 straight, but after a knee injury I had like three months ago, I decided to work other parts of my body and I took advantage of this self-encouragement to crack this Challenge. Since then, I really think I can do so many things I want, just need a little patience and constant hard work.

As a keen volleyball player, what would you recommend as the best Challenge to take to improve volleyball?

Paris F volley ballThere's one I find really great to demonstrate you are good at volleyball, and if you're still improving your skill, it is great to practice and get better. The challenge is Practice your Dig shot - 50 hit ups. You really, really need to have good arm precision to hit and pass back the ball. Since you need a partner (a good one of course) to do this, the Challenge becomes really challenging. I mean, it's ok to do 10, 15 may be 20 straight hitting-digging balls, but 50? It takes lots of practice and a good teammate. As a volleyball coach from 12-15 year olds, it's hard to find someone to do it. I also play a tournament on Sundays with my old teammates from college, but they're not the same as they were before LOL. Meanwhile, I keep practising the best I can, training my students to get better so I can hit complete to this Challenge. Actually, it's a great idea to put this Challenge to them so they feel motivated to accomplish it.

Paris with his volleyball team

You're branching into barefoot running - how are you enjoying it?

Here's the story from the beginning: I started to run properly this year for about 5 or 6 months. My dad runs since I can remember, he wakes up very early in the morning and starts his day with a run as part of his training, that's why it was kind of easy to get the motivation to start running. I started by running around a park, then in the forest until I was able to have a constant pace to do a 10k race. After two races, a half marathon was on its way two months later, so I started to train harder, but one day, feeling I was doing great and the feeling that I could do more, I tried to run 22k. I don't know if it was my way of running or the overtraining, but I started to feel a big pain in my knee, so I had to stop in kilometer 18. After that, even a little jog my knee burned like hell.

Here's when Tribesports makes its appearance. After believing I couldn't run again, I tried to do some other exercises, I ran into this really great page wich has a lot of great stuff: blogs, questions, tips, challenges and the support of many users who share the same passion: exercise. I started to ask about some answers for my knee pain, ways to avoid an injury again.

Paris barefoot running with his girlfriendAfter a lot of searching and asking, I learned there's a lot of types of running, that's when I realized I was doing it all wrong! One of the types I liked the most was barefoot running. I must confess, it was thanks to Debra R, I started to try barefoot. She told me all these great things about it and I decided to do it the next day. After that, I try to do my barefoot running one day a week minimun and when I'm running regular shoes I focus on the technique, avoiding heelstrike. I find barefoot running really great, interesting and helpful to the feet, I realize I can go even faster than running with regular shoes. It's a shame that here on Guadalajara (Mexico) it's not that common to do barefoot running, so the minimalist running shoes are not around. I look in some big shoe stores but they don't have it, so I'm thinking, with a little more money I'm gonna order a pair from the internet because there's no way I can run like that around the city, it's really dangerous around here, my bike has suffered a lot because of it, imagine the consequences to my feet!

Paris F and his bike

What your next big Challenge going to be?

Well, after my knee problem I haven't run more than 5 k, but I'm thinking to start doing it more often and long distances. I'll try to achieve all the challenges that involves running.

I also want to accomplish the 70 push ups in one go challenge and the 50 Chair Dips with legs extended. I've seen I can do great things with a hard work, so I'm going to start building my upper body up. I feel really motivated and excited about it.

Which Tribesports users make your day?

I see support from many, many users everyday that I can just thank them all for that, but it is true that I have a selected group of people I have some interaction with.

@euniceyeo: I really have to thank you for all the support you gave me everytime I'm on TS, you're always there encouraging what I'm doing, commenting the big things and say hello from time to time. It means a lot to me =)

@elishaamber: I like sharing my running experiences with you, it's great to know your goals too. Thanks for take some of your time for that.

@addz360: All your encouragements and tips about flexibility keeps me motivated to achieve great things. I hope you can share more things with me about it.

@djreish: Not only on TS, but on face too. I have to thank you for giving me the push into barefoot running and also for sharing with me a little bit of your life. I enjoy a lot having some news about what you're doing and how you're going.

@ritajuanita: I simply love your challenges! Not only because the human part, but The Beatles influence!! Since I'm a big, BIG Beatles fan, I think they're awesome. Thanks for sharing things with me too, hope you do more burpees LOL

@estelahsan: My beautiful Girlfriend, she doesn't use her account here that often, but still I want to say to her; I love you, Estela =)

Paris with medalWhat's your favourite quote?

I have one invented by myself, my favourite one:

"A genius is born when he pays attention to what he's doing."

Other quotes I find really great are:

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. 


"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."

Arthur C. Clarke