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Tribesports User of the Week: Ptan


Posted by Ptan;8} * under Running on 28 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

Ptan RunningWhat has been your toughest Challenge and which are you most proud of?

Every single day is the newest, inevitable, unknown toughest Challenge in life - be it in life of sports or in life of a routine work or house chores. I don't see “Toughest” in Challenge is the challenge I will not take, I fear that I could not reach out & punch through these locked chains of this so-called “Toughest” in Challenge.

As a self-proclaimed Insane Runner, which distance is your favorite to run?

Insane is just a “Virtual” name which, I used it for motivating myself towards others. A 28 +/- 2 km route is my most preferred route to train, of which, it helps in many ways for anticipating a half marathon for example, whilst, it is also a good starter distance for a full marathon where, it prepares you for an added-on phasor distance that is yet to come.

Ptan running 2

I always believe training in an intermediate distance would constitute the majority of the body conditioning/posturization, that would infinitely account for footing speed, pacing work & breath control.

Do you prefer running in races or on your own?

Both. I notice the difference in my running with the actual crowded race, on the other hand, I'm just a lone ranger for the majority of my running. Happy Running to see the crowd & I run happily for the sake of adding little more fitness to my life. I took every single race or run seriously & I enjoyed taking ownership of every single bits 'n' pieces of my runs – Life's Short, Run Heartily Happy!

Which Team Challenge have you most enjoyed being a part of?

International Friendly #GameChanger Run!!, Five Team Running Match & Trio Run 2000 km. Both International & Trio will had me on with all my country mates side-by-side inspiring each other. Five Team Challenge is another form of how I debugged myself onto a “non-stop-keep-on-going” type of Running mentality.

You've got a great collection of bright running T-shirts - which one is your favorite? 

Ptan's bright running tops

I do have plenty of those Events' Running Tees, but I favour the quality of that ADIDAS KOTR 2012 Running . Actually, there are no preferences in any, & I used them for run training because I LOVE them. I voted for that Tribesports Colorway Tees - if I am a Multi-millionaire, I would very much like to sponsor the mass production of this unique design.

Where in the world would you most like to run?

No preferences. I would go out of my country to anywhere when I deem that, this is the right time to do this.

Ptan runningWhich Tribesports user makes your day?

1st of all, my apologies to those whom I'd failed to mention your name, YOU ARE EQUALLY GREAT & IMPORTANT! Well.. I might have little knowledge on poetry, but I had a great time reading on Rick P's & Nocturnal's poems, both of you are indeed a good sports models. Secondly, I admired the sports consistency & perseverence of Eunice Y - you will never be the same after following her. Thirdly, I also admired the 2 TS super-Ultra-Marathoner who, ran the most miles on Earth - Irfan & William.. as my mileage models. For Nocturnal, you're just a little great running mentor that people will never forget. Of course, not forgetting our great TS Inspirative Running Horses: Candida B, Anne-Margaret S, Jane H, Maria G & Jayson J & many more. By & large, Sasha TGladys T for being friendly, good to see Gladys T coming on strong ;D

What's your favorite quote?

My favorite quotes are as follow:

"I AM NOT JUST DOING IT, BUT I CAN DO IT & I WILL DO IT.. Foremost, Above The Best of all of my Challenges, I WILL PEAK above MY DESTINATION!.."

"...Motivating myself towards motivating people..."