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Tribesports User of the Week: Reb R


Posted by Rebecca R under Running, Rowing on 7 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

Reb RWhich Tribesports Challenge has been the toughest and which are you most proud of?

Let me start by saying I am super excited and surprised to be here - Thank you. Really.  Now the question - for me, the most important Challenge has been the commitment to be active every day Do 30 mins physical activity every day for a year.  It became a lifestyle choice and the foundation for everything after. The toughest Challenge, so far, must have been the series of 2013 reps a month of different types of body weight exercises - 2013 squats, 2013 sit-ups, 2013 lunges, etc.  In the beginning it did not seem like it was going to be tough to find the time and energy.  But cumulatively it was a big deal and I got stronger for it!

Your goal to run 365 miles in 2013 looks like it's on track - do you have any special plans for your final run on the Challenge?

Rebecca RunningYou know, I have been so focused on following through and getting it done, I had not thought yet about celebrating the achievement.  So this question is a great prompt.  These days I am running mostly in the early morning, before work in a part of the world and time of the year when it is just dark. I think the “milestone run” should be during daylight hours, so I can also see all the great things Copenhagen has to offer an outdoor runner - the sea, the sand, the ports, the parks and buildings, old and new.  And now, who knows what shirt I might wear!!

How do you find the balance between work and training? 

Really important.  Sports are great ways into discipline, fairness, teamwork, trying new things and wanting to improve and win.  These can all be important in business life too.  On a personal level I like to think that I am more relaxed and motivated in work and in training when I really commit to both.  

What's your love/hate exercise and why?

It’s got to be rowing.  When I first got back into exercising, I regarded rowing as something that only “fit” people did.  I was amazed when I could row a kilometre or two.  And then I took on more and more stretch and commitments around it, like virtual races and so forth (such as the Girls VS Boys first to 10,000km race).  So even though I am proud to be able to row longer, better and faster now, I sometimes feel over extended and…well:  love/hate probably sums it up!

Which piece of equipment do you work out with most?

I have just discovered and had the courage to try kettlebells. I would like to stick with them because I think they will be a great way to combine strength and functional training.

Rebecca climbingWhere in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

I am lucky to travel - a lot - for work.  I get to see so many different places.  I recently finished the Run 5k in 5 different countries Challenge  and am doing OK on the 10 different countries version  - These are great because they motivate me to run while on business trips.  In the coming months, there are plans to travel to South America and Asia, so watch this space!

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Almost every interview marks this as a hard question to answer.  And now I know why.  This won’t be complete because there are just too many.  But let’s try.  For his “stick with it” attitude and challenge that helped me get active every day @andrewm ; For inspiring me to row @elcollins95 ; For keeping me laughing when it threatens to get too serious @frazzles1980 ; and For being my virtual buddy and helping me get the most out of Tribesports from the very beginning and beyond - @karenl . Many others inspire and encourage, directly and by being great role models.  It makes a difference whether you know it or not, so thank you.

What's your favorite quote?

Here is one for people like me getting back into sports after a while.  It’s a Chinese proverb:  

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.