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Tribesports User of the Week: Rob R


Posted by Rob R under Fitness & Training, Cycling on 20 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

Rob ReidSo far on Tribesports, you've completed over 1000 Challenges, which has been your favourite and which has been the toughest?

The hardest Challenges have been the pull up challenges, as I am still carrying a few extra pounds and not having regular access to the right equipment I found these a real struggle. I have a number of pending pull up challenges so I need to focus on this as part of my New Year resolutions!

I really enjoy push ups and many different forms of this that tribe members have created challenges around have been really enjoyable, but if I was picking a favourite it would be the series of challenges that Karen L created around the Euromillions draw, not know what you were going to have to do to complete the Challenges and the small community it created was good fun.

Do you do your exercise and fitness Challenges around the office and have you converted any of your workmates to join in?

I get into the office really early in the morning as I have a long commute and always have way to much work to do! I do occasionally set aside some time early on to do some sneaky challenges while there is no one about, a few stair challenges or some chair dips, sets the day off well.

How much has your fitness changed in the last 12 months?

I think the biggest development has been in my core, before the start of the year I was not doing much of this, I now have regular reps in my routine and can push through a lot more crunches than I could at the start of the year. I have also managed to do more cycling miles and now have a more varied routine which used to be more push up focused.

Cliff Richard push up ChallengeAre you taking the Cliffmas Challenge again this year?

My Mum is a big Cliff fan so there is always (unfortunately) always plenty of opportunity to get some extra core work in, but the pain certainly did not outweigh the gain last year! Luckily he is not on radio so much these days. May be the Tribesports team should come up with a similar challenge for another Xmas crooner?

What has been your most embarrassing sporting moment?

This has to go back to my cub scout Swimathon when I was choosen to represent my pack in a backstroke race, but got called up by the leaders for the wrong race in the schedule and everyone else was doing front crawl, did not realise until half through the first length! Wasn’t sure whether to turn over and change to front crawl (which I was rubbish at) or carry on doing backstroke, I decided to keep going and see if I could win!

What big Challenge are you setting yourself for 2013?

Well, as my bio says I am in (light) training for the London-Edinburgh-London cycling challenge in July, it is 1,400km in 5 days which, as we get closer to 2013 is starting feel very real and a tad crazy. Entries open on 5th Jan so I have a few more days over Christmas to ponder on it, if anyone else is interested, check out the event London Edinburgh London 2013, there are 8 takers so far!

Rob getting his gloves on

I want to push on with my running with a few 5km and 10km events I would like to schedule. I am thinking of doing a London to Paris cycling event (not the 24hr one!) and after one mountain bike orienteering competition with Steve R, I would like to take on a few more of these next year.

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Having been on Tribesports from the start I have come across so many great characters and been motivated by so many. From the early days it has to be Nikos G for showing me what was achievable and his great blogs. For the early morning greetings it has to be Tony G and Eunice Y and for keeping us all honest Shawn C. I get so much encouragement and motivation from so many in the tribe, to name a few  Rick P, Baldy JohnMaria G and Lena C, but as I say I get so much from so many Tribe members.

What's your favourite quote?

I have a couple of quotes that I can resonate with:-

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. - Yogi Berra

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. - Sir Ranulph Fiennes