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Tribesports User of the Week: Scott F


Posted by Scott F on 30 May 2012 at 11:00 PM

Scott F you are User of the Week!

Making it into the Tribesports top 10 is a massive Challenge in itself but your accomplishments are truly inspirational. Your bio is incredible, losing 40kg in 3 years must have completely changed your life; how did you do it?

Lost the first 10kg by just eating less, then had a gastric band put in nearly two years ago and that got rid of another 20kg.  This was about when I started running and have lost a further 10kg with about 15kg to go.  I went for a check-up with my surgeon last week and my body fat has gone from 53% to 24%.  

What has been your toughest Challenge and which are you most proud of?

The hardest one to date and the one I’m still most proud of was completing a Marathon.  Where I completed the Auckland Marathon on 30 Oct 2011 in 5:24:54 at the age of 47. I have two ahead of me that I know I can do.  The first is to take an hour of my Auckland Marathon time; this will also complete about 5 other challenges including the Beat Oprah’s Marathon Time. The other one is completing an Ultra Marathon where I’m going to be the Length of the Lake 67.5km in Feb 2013.   

Love your 42.195 tattoo; did you get it straight after your marathon? 

No, I completed the Auckland Marathon in October last year, but didn’t get the tattoo until March. Might even get the Ironman logo on my other leg once I complete one of them.   

With all the beautiful landscape New Zealand has to offer, where is your favourite place to run?

I do all my training in Auckland, but even in the city there are great places like the waterfront along Tamaki Drive (nothing better at sunrise) and the Waitakere ranges (with a great range of road and trail running options).

You ran up Rangitoto Mountain, any others on the horizon?

I hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the central North Island of New Zealand in Jan 2011.  I was amazed to see people running it.  I might give that one a go next year. 

You have racked up accomplishments for swimming, running and cycling – is there a triathlon on the cards? 

I’d really love to do an Ironman, but guess I need to start off with a short course event at some stage.

Which Tribesports member makes your day? 

There are so many, it’s different people on different days. From people at the top of the leader board all the through to people who have just joined. It’s the community that motivates me.

What’s your favourite motivational quote? 

I have two “How hard can it be” and “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”.  The first one got me into my first Half Marathon, and now I’m entered a 67.5km Ultra Marathon and thinking about the Ironman. All this is less than two years, if that doesn’t scare you nothing will.