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Tribesports User of the Week: Shawn C


Posted by Shawn C under Fitness & Training, Running on 26 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

What has been your favourite Challenge and which has been your toughest?

My favorite was the Olympic Running Challenge because I liked the team participation working towards a common goal. It seems that everyone put a lot of work into that challenge but the Americas team ended up on top. The toughest challenges to me are the ones that require you to do the activity every day for 30 days. I strongly believe that we all need rest days so our bodies can recover properly. I've also had issues with some of time related running challenges but I am improving.

You have a picture in the US Marines Tribe - did you serve with them?

My time in the US Marine Corps was something that I take a lot of pride in. I was able to serve my country for four and a half years and earned my honorable discharge. I have to admit that I did a lot of growing up during that time and learned the real meaning of discipline. I remember running the large obstacle course and finishing so quickly that I asked to do it again! This was where I first learned to love running and my best 3 mile time was 19:50, but I was only 17 at the time. Many years have passed since then and time has a way of catching up with you, if you let it.

Your bio says that you started using iFit live technology to get fit, what did that entail? 

Ok grab the popcorn as this is a long story...

While riding my motorcycle about six years ago, I was hit by a truck on my left side as he turned directly into my lane. My body flew over the truck some 15 feet into the air and my knee was shattered and I broke my leg in the process. It took over 4 months to heal and learn to walk again. The Dr said that I would never be able to run again and since I wasn't an athlete, didn't bother to re-attach my ACL, so I have a weak knee as a result. Well, I am no quitter, except for smoking after 32 years but that's another story.

I was so determined to run again that I began walking a few city blocks at night. You see, I live in Arizona and it gets to be over 110 degrees on a regular basis here, so we do lots of things after the sun goes down. At first it was difficult but I just kept at it and slowly increased my distance over time. I grew impatient after a month of this and started increasing my pace, working through the pain and eventually jogging short distances and walking in between. I was doing great and improving well until I stepped off a curb in the dark a few times twisting my knee or ankle in the process. This is when I decided to purchase a treadmill so I could beat the heat and have a consistent running experience, without fear of injuring myself in the dark.

During my research on what brand to buy, I discovered the iFit Live technology that comes on the NordicTrack equipment and decided to give it a try. I instantly fell in love with the features! I get to map out my own courses using Google Maps and then when I run, I use a laptop to see the Street Views for the route. The equipment auto-adjusts to the inclines along the way making it feel like I am really there. I have run all over the world and seen many places that would have never been able to see normally. Since that first purchase, I added an Elliptical Cross-Trainer to my gym with the same features.

I joined up with a group of individuals that I met on the iFit Live web site and we formed our own community called the iFit Live Wiggle Group. We worked together and created a Facebook community page (iFit Live Maps) and started by sharing our Google mapped workouts and encouraging each other. Eventually we all came to Tribesports and formed our own Tribe here too. They are all a tremendous group of people who I contribute a lot of my motivational success to.

You've got a pretty impressive home gym, was that something that was gradually added to or a massive bulk buy?

My home gym was built over a few years as I could afford to purchase what I wanted. The weight machine looks expensive but I got a great deal from a year-end close out sale and only paid like $300 for it new. My treadmill and Elliptical are the only items I had to finance but you want something that will last for many years and it really pays to purchase the extended warranty!

If you could pick one piece of equipment, which would be your favourite?

I love my treadmill the most but the Kettle Bells are a close 2nd!

Where would be your dream destination to complete a Challenge?

Anywhere tropical where they have beautiful coastal scenery to run alongside. I got a taste of this while stationed in Okinawa Japan for two years. The ocean breeze would be a wonderful change from this dry heat I live in now. Have you seen our monsoon dust storms? LOL

Any big Challenges on the horizon?

I am working on building enough endurance to run my first half marathon in the near future. My wife, son and I are also entered in the next Spartan Race in February, but that's mainly just for fun.

Which Tribesports users make your day?

Every single person who takes one of the challenges I have created for themselves! I watch in amazement at some of the physical accomplishments that get logged each day. People who run, walk or cycle extremely long distances or the ones who can bust out 200 crunches or sit ups in a session! I love watching everyone progress and encouraging them!

Tony G was the first person to inspire me and I learned how to use Tribesports by following him. Rob R is always there encouraging me along. Scott F and First P impress me on a daily basis with the distances they cover. Lisa M, Michelle B, Jane H, Cheeta L, and Anna D are also personal favorites and inspirations.

Honestly, I could go on for a few more pages because I have so much respect for the people here, including the Tribesports staff but I will give it a rest.

What's your favourite quote?

"The only thing that counts is doing it right now!" When I read this, it motivates me to stay active and stop procrastinating.