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Tribesports User of the Week: Smithy


Posted by Smithy . under Cycling, Triathlon on 27 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

London Marathon SmithyWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of? 

Tribesports is full of great Challenges and one of the toughest for me was run a marathon under 4 hours. I’m not really a natural runner and have only run 1 marathon (London) and due to a knee injury, I had to defer my place for 12 months. This meant over 18 months of training. However, completing it in 3hours 45mins made it even more of an achievement. It also inspired me to take up Triathlon again after a long layoff.

I’m also really proud of Complete a 25mile Cycling Time Trial in under the magic HOUR!  I created this challenge because it is a real benchmark in cycling but it takes dedication and an enormous amount of commitment. My PB is 58mins 11secs. 

Which do you consider your strongest discipline in triathlon?

Cycling - especially if it’s a relatively flat course and I can stay in a good aero position. It’s also really important to practise the 4th Discipline; Transitions! It is essential to be well organised and rehearsed if you want to be competitive at sprint distance triathlon.

Smithy CyclingWill you be hitting the Tri scene again in 2014? Any events lined up?

I hope so! I have a middle distance (half iron-man) lined up for August but I’m struggling with a shoulder problem at the moment which means I can’t swim-train. If not, I will continue with my longer runs and maybe try a marathon again. I’m also really enjoying my Mountain bike at the moment so maybe I’ll look into some XC racing.

How's the half-marathon training going and what time are you hoping hoping for?

I selected Bideford Half Marathon on 2nd March because it is a flat course and I was aiming for a PB. I think my body favours a shorter distance really; I’ve been trying to get my pace down on the longer runs but I’ve had a few problems with my Achilles. I’m still hoping for a PB so if I get under 1hour 35mins, I’ll be well chuffed!  

Your coastal training runs are completed at a pretty impressive pace, have you entered many off-road events?

Smithy Running

I guess I’m spoilt here in Cornwall. I love running on the Coast and on the Mining Trails in my area; its great training but I’ve never really raced off-road. I think the scenery would be too much of a distraction. 

Godrevy lighthouse - trail running

Godrevy Lighthouse

Wheal Coates

Wheal Coates, Chapel Porth

As a fire-fighter, what sort of training do you find more beneficial to getting the job done?

One of the most arduous things we do is working in Breathing Apparatus and as a Fire Behaviour Training Instructor it can get a bit “toasty” in our Training units.

Compartment Fire

I find circuit training and High Intensity Intervals are great for getting a real sweat going and in some way simulate the demands on your body in a compartment fire. Keeping fit and eating healthy is essential if I am expected to do my job until I’m 60!

Thanks for pledging on Kickstarter, which piece of Tribesports Performance Wear would you recommend to a friend?

I’ve had really good use out of my Half-Zip Top already this winter. It’s a versatile top for any type of training and because it’s relatively thin it also works well as a mid-layer, say on cold mountain bike ride. It even looks good as casual wear.

Which Tribesports users make your day? 

I don’t tend to interact with other Tribesports users that much but I enjoy reading what everyone else is up to. 

Jane H and  Dave W  for their knowledge and level headed advice.

Little Ninja Stacey B  and Martian C for their awesome training commitment.

Nuchi N for her Team Challenges.

What's your favourite quote?

When I have a training session planned and it’s chucking it down with rain, I remind myself…. “Skin is Waterproof!”

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” (I often find myself singing this in my head during those really tough sessions)

 “I Will Beat My Ass Today To Kick Yours Tomorrow”. Sufferfest