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Tribesports User of the Week: Sonu K!


Posted by Sonu K on 13 April 2012 at 9:00 AM

Sonu you are the Tribesports User of the Week!

We’ve loved reading about your training, what would you say has been your hardest Challenge to date? And which are you most proud of?

My hardest Challenge was to give up caffeine and cakes. Caffeine formed the part of my life for last 27 years. I could not have imagined a life without caffeine. But, when I saw the posts of Cags and Rose about their excruciating attempt to quit their habit by taking the No Coke for a Month Challenge and No Coffee for a Month Challenge, respectively, it simply inspired me to join the cause. Interestingly, quitting caffeine has become so much easier to me that it made me stronger and made me believe that I can take challenges and complete them. After gaining the momentum I stopped eating cake (my second love after caffeine) which was once simply irresistible for me.

The New Dieter’s Tribe is a great place set up by you to discuss different fad diets, addressing common misconceptions and generally trying to find out more about what we eat. What have you learnt since starting the Tribe?

I started New Dieter Tribe to bring people to a common forum where we can discuss the merits and demerits of dieting and nutrition. I always wanted to make a tribe where the discussions are based on scientific evidences and have a very healthy and holistic approach towards nutrition. To start and maintain such tribe was so difficult in the beginning (there were only four members in the beginning for many weeks). I started sending invitations to people on Tribesports and it proved useful. For every 100 invitations sent I got 15-20 members joining the tribe. Then main motive to start the tribe was to get people engaged in the discussion and get their opinions. Remarkably, people of this Tribe are very active and open minded, ready for any kind of discussion.

The most important change in my perspective came when I watched a video link of Dr. Robert Lustig which was posted by Cags. It changed the way I used to think about sugar. It also enlightened me about the harmful effects of sugar which sugar starts after altering the metabolic pathways.

You list running as your main sport, what’s your favourite distance to run? Do you prefer organised events or just the everyday run?

I work in a research institute as a graduate student. We have an in house Gym with most of the important equipment. To gain vitality after over-demanding schedule of my work I started visiting gym a few months ago. In the beginning I had difficulty in catch up speed and maintain it for longer period. Slowly, I started gaining momentum and stamina. It was the time when I carried a thorough search on the benefits of running and all the do(s) and don’t(s) related with it. One day I stumbled upon the advertisement of Tribesports on a website. I casually joined Tribesports, without having slightest idea of the impact it was about to have on my life. It made me take challenges I have never taken before. My favourite distance is to run for more 8 km at a stretch. I want to increase it to 20 km first, and then increase it to complete full marathon. I like organized events but I have not participated in any, so far. I like to run every day, because if I do not run I feel like I’m starved.

What sport have you always wanted to try and what sport would you encourage other Tribesports users to try?

Tribesports have given me new directions to fulfil my dreams to do newer and newer things. I have long bucket list to follow which includes, tennis, roller skating, rappelling, trekking and cycling. I want to complete 200 km of cycling in a day and want to run my marathon some day. 

I would encourage others to try running and swimming. The degree and duration can turn these two from cardio to mild anaerobic exercises.

You have embraced the Challenge of welcoming new members to the Tribesports community and giving them advice as they get to grips with the basics. I know this will be a hard question for you but which are your top 5 Tribesports users?

In my view there are many Tribesports users whom I adore and learn something every day from them. It is really difficult to put some few in the top five and leave the rest out of it. Still I will try the best to give unbiased opinion.

1. David F He is a very busy person, yet he finds time to complete his 20 miles run every day. When he went to Uganda for his work he made sure that he finds a place to continue his training. He is training for 111 km run.

2. Louise F Louise is a chemist in health care company. December last year she got operated for ACL rupture. She stayed in rehab and under medication for many months. Her undeterred faith and courage makes her walk miles with a crutch every day.

3. Stefen R His enthusiasm makes me envious of him. He has fountain of energy.

4. Jayme Jayme is mother of young kid and manager at a store. She has a tiring work schedule and a lot of domestic chores, still she finds time to devote time for her work out and exercise regime. 

5. Mary M  Mary works at a store as assistant manager in London. She is in a very demanding profession and sometimes she has to work for 12 hours of continuous shifts. Even after that she manages to take care of the challenges she has taken on TS.

6. Wilfred S Wilfred is very active and enthusiastic person on TS. He tries to complete the challenges taken by him, no matter how hard he has to work to finish those challenges.

7. Shalini S There is this girl beaming with stamina and enthusiasm and having an unflinching attitude towards life. She has to work, study and take care of her ailing grandmother. She manages to find time to do this tightrope walk and yet manages to complete the challenges on TS.

There are many more unsung heroes of TS whose life keeps me motivated and stops me from giving up; David, Elena D, Cheeta, S K and many more!

I knew you wouldn't stick to 5! It's really inspiring to see how well you know our community Sonu. So what is your next Challenge going to be and which Challenge would you recommend to every Tribesports user?

My next challenge would be to complete “Remove three white poisons from your diet”. If you know about India and its enormous variety of food, you must be aware of the fact that no Indian food can be complete without table salt. This is my 30 years of habit which eventually has become integral part of my life. To give up salt is excruciatingly difficult.

I would recommend every user of Tribesports to take the challenge to Remove White Sugar and HFCS from their diet.

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

“Tough times never last, tough people do.”