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Tribesports User of the Week: Teresa D


Posted by Teresa D under Kickboxing, Fitness & Training on 22 May 2013 at 11:00 PM

Teresa D profile

Which Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest? 

Mmm, can I choose more than one? There have been a few tough ones.. mentally I think the Drink only water for a week was a real toughie because I love my tea. - physically it's between the 5 minute plank & 1200 push ups in a day..both gruellers!

Which Challenge were you most proud to tick off?

Probably the 1200 push ups in a day - I really struggled with it and the after effects lasted a few arms felt like they belonged to someone else.

How did you first start kickboxing and boxfit?

Between having my two boys I managed to put on over a whopping 5 stones. I was really fed up and decided I really needed to sort it.

Kick boxing

I used to take my son to the dojo for ju-jitsu classes and got chatting with the instructors, who suggested I try the boxfit classes...what they didn't tell me was the classes were 99.9% male and the first time I went - on my own - was actually one of the scariest moments of my life. I probably would've turned and ran, but at the last minute they spotted me.

Which combat sport is your favourite to train for?

 I love to box for the cardio aspect, but probably enjoy the kickboxing's a good feeling when you land an awesome kick, or master a new one.

You once asked 'Do burpees ever get easier?' - have they gotten easier for you?


What's the story behind your leap of faith cliff jump?

We were on holiday in Mexico for a family wedding and went on an excursion to a man made lagoon, a fabulous place where we snorkelled with the marine fish, swam with dolphins and other really cool stuff. 

There was a trail to follow and at one point was this 'leap of faith' sign that told you how many metres the jump was into the water (can't remember exactly how high but it was VERY high) I'm not great with heights at the best of times and knew if I looked over the edge of the cliff I would bottle it, so while the others were umming and aahing and discussing it I just ran off the edge! Splash!

Extreme planking over doorways? Tell us more!

Just me and my pals being silly, when we all get together we like to take photos of each other planking in random places! ...think i'm winning!

Extreme planking

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

Just one? Ugh..this is a horrid question because Ive got so many really lovely encouraging followers, and loads that have done really exciting, inspiring stuff (Pronsias Frank amongst others) and this guy will be sooo bigheaded when I say it ..but.. it's gotta be Marc C  ...always encouraging me when things are tough & he always makes me laugh! I always look forward to his cheeky & often sarcastic comments! cheers Marc.x

What's your favourite quote?

Teresa D profile

Don't know who said it but my favourite quote it:

LIFE is short,
break the RULES,
FORGIVE quickly,
Kiss slowly,
LOVE truly,
LAUGH uncontrollably, and
anything that made you SMILE ;0)