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Tribesports User of the Week: Tony G


Posted by Tony G on 27 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

Tony G you are User of the Week!

How do you feel about joining the Tribesports Honour roll?

I’m so thrilled, you wouldn’t believe it. There are so many extremely fit and committed people here it’s amazing to even be considered – I joined with my mate Nat (@SodiumTT) and we couldn’t stop talking about the possibilities of the site and how the concept of encouraging folks to achieve some real goals was so fantastic – and the results speak for themselves. – Well done – keep up the great work (see I’m even doing it to YOU!).

Which has been your favourite Challenge to date?

Lie down ... stay down ... hold for 8 hours!! :)

Which Challenge took the most number of attempts to complete and which are you most proud of?

The balance based one are the hardest (I’m still trying the stand on one leg with my eyes closed!!). 

The one I’m proudest of – Oh the 5km in 30 mins (I did it on a parkrun – another brilliant, simple, well executed concept – I even marshall for them now too). I used to run a lot when I was younger (10Km in just over 40 mins) but I had an accident and have done very little running in the past 20 years – so it’s fantastic to start again – that Nat!

Are you proud to have represented the boys in the Girls vs Boys cycling Challenge?

100%,  Rose has triggered off a brilliant set of challenges that are competitive in a nice friendly way and that’s great because the majority of the challenges are (rightly) personal – but the excitement that everyone brought to that one was amazing to watch (I got zero work done on Friday – Thanks!!)

As well as cycling you also enjoy the odd bit of rambling, which is walk/running and then going to the pub, favourite ramble so far?

Oh easy-peasy.. Take the Aiguille du Midi up to the ½ way station (actually go to the top – look around then come down to the Plan station – then walk the Balcon route back down to Chamonix )   - oh or the La Tour, walk up to the Albert Premier hut and back or... Lac Vert  or ...... well you get the idea :)

Lager vs Real Ale - 50 word rant - GO:

You must think that I’m a right lush ;-p But if you are going to drink beer – make sure it’s good and tasty or there’s no point.

Your flying achievements are so impressive, how did you get started in that?

I was very lucky and started to Skydive in the RAF (must send the Queen a thank-you card one day) and when I first saw people paragliding in the Alps – I just had to give it a go – that was over 20 years and over a 1000 flying hours ago now – I help to training folks, I coach and fly people on my Tandem - I guess that I’m hooked :)

As a self-confessed Tribesports addict, can you pick a favourite Tribe?

There are so many but I’m loving all the running ones at the moment and also the health based ones (I work for an American Health Company and so the importance of Heart Age and blood chemistry has really become a priority to me – so much so that I’ve booked myself on to a Medical Trial at the local hospital – where my metabolism, body fat etc will be measured.).

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket-list and when are you going to tick it off?

Oh wow – my bucket list has a hole in it.. and it’s haemorrhaging time. I so want to Climb Mont Blanc and fly my paraglider (or speed glider) down into Chamonix for a beer !! (or better yet fly up, land and then fly down – but that’s a dream more than anything else)... I also want to do the Haut Route (summer and winter)

Which users make your day?

Nat (@SodiumTT) has been a great mate for ages now and always makes my day – but my new virtual mates are so numerous now and so many make my day brighter; @lisamac has been ‘snapping at me heels’ since joined – and now rightly raced ahead, Eran (@kaplaneran, makes me want to be a stranger runner, @sonu and @neilb1 are just ‘Gents’ and many others make me smile – Luv y’all)

What’s your favourite quote?

I have so many, none that are sporty but my current favourite is from Jerome K Jermone :

” Chivalry is not dead: it only sleeps for want of work to do. “

Oh and a bit more jokey “I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my granddad – not screaming and shouting ...... like the passengers on his bus “

Thanks again for a superb brilliantly run concept.