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Tribesports User of the Week: Yvonne H


Posted by Yvonne H under Weight Training (Strength Training), Running on 28 February 2013 at 12:00 AM

Yvonne H Tribesports User of the WeekHuge congratulations Yvonne, your Tribesports achievements are massive! But which Challenge do you think every Tribe member should complete to earn their marks?

Well, not really sure about that! My aim was to do what I can when I can and enjoy it as I go which I do.. I would say anyone on TS have fun on your journey and enjoy the ride.

Which Challenge did you find toughest and which are you most proud of?

 Any running Challenge I find the toughest as I am still working on that ha!!  And I am proud of all Challenges which I am able to complete.

What's the story behind your high ropes photo?

Well, the story about that is I have a slight fear of heights and it was my birthday, my friends were suggesting places to go and Go-ape came up. I had just started to face my fears and do it I said yes! I was shaky at first but it turned out to be one of the best days ever - tested me to the max and I won..he!!

Kettlebell Yvonne H

How often do you train with kettlebells? Do you do other weight training too?

I train with kettlebells at least 3-4 times a week either at the gym or at home. I enjoy all kettlebells workouts where I work up a sweart; doing kettlebell throws, two arm twists,Russian twists, two arm pulls, lateral swings - I find they work for me and always feel as if I have had a great workout..

What's your perfect post-workout meal?

That would be a light salad.

You're approaching the big 50 - what fitness Challenge will you bring in your half-century with?

I will bring in more weight training as I love dumbbells, kettles, and more running training as I would love to become a great runner and any other training I am able to manage.

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge and where would it be?

I love to travel it would definitely be in Cyprus or another Greek island.

Crete Yvonne H

Love your tattoo collection, will you be adding some Tribe marks now you're User of the Week?

Not sure about that but who knows!?

Which Tribesports user makes your day?

I would say No: 1 Rick P he's always behind me on my challenges and always leaves me inspiring comments.

What's your favourite quote?

The best is yet to come..