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Update: New exercises and training graphs added


Posted by Steve R on 24 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

The new Tribesports training features have had an update, adding in some of your requests for more exercises to log and track.

Medicine Ball optionsYou told us that you wanted more varieties of weight training with different equipment - that's why you'll now find medicine ball, Bulgarian bag and sandbag exercises. These are classed under the weights category so post the weight of the equipment with the reps.

There were also a few body weight essentials and more niche exercises which you requested, many of these are more advanced body weight exercises which we initially overlooked - you can now find these in the search function.

Since the release of the new training features, it's been awesome watching the new workouts and training sessions popping up around the site. As with all new features, your feedback has shaped the way we're updating and improving it - thank you for your help with it!

While we like to think that the Tribesports tracking is now one of the most comprehensive sports and exercise catalogs around, we are aware that there will still be missing exercises - because there are a LOT of exercises in the world!

If you cannot find an exercise then it may be under a slightly different name - for example 'Australian Pull-Ups' and 'Inverted Rows'. If you believe the exercise is not in our system, we will endeavour to add it into the systen in future updates.

New Exercises

Reviewing your training has also been updated based on your feedback.

The 'Today' section has been taken out of your graphs (though you can still review your daily exercise in 'This Week', 'This Month' and Training History). You can now review your training by year so it will be even easier to track Challenges like Cycle 3000km in 2013

Cycling graph by year

Thanks for all your help with feedback on the new feature - there's lots more exciting stuff coming on Tribesports so keep an eye out for more developments coming soon.

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    Great adittions! Could you please also fix the opportunity to hit enter or go when using the search area at the top. It worked before the logging upgrade and still works when searching my own challenges :) I constantly forget I have to press the magnifying glass or the all results link... Thanks!


    log the amount of sets yet? this would be easy addition. logging each set individualy isn't an option when you're doing 30+ sets, and working out different body part each day


    Thanks Steve. ;-) The additions are great. They will encourage us to work out more ;-)


    Just a quick question, when I am logging let's say dumbbell bicep curl using 3kg dumbbell in each hand, do I put 3 kg or 6 kg when I log?

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    We added ability to log sets - if you add an activity to a training session, and then hover over the activity, you should see a Add Set button - hitting that will replicate the set quickly and easily into the training session

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    Thanks Maria. That is exactly what I have been logging ;-)

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    Well done, guys! Tribesports better every day! Fantastic! A single note, which I imagine you have already plans to implement: make it possible to reach the section with the explanation of the various exercises directly from the pulldown menu.

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    Liking the new additions but I have to agree with Daniel H about the number of sets addition.


    Loving this new feature - thanks


    So motivational to see what you've achieved in black and white and not just in aches and pains!


    Why not making the graphs for the weight session tridimensional? It would be interesting to have the reps as well - even considering that we enter the number of reps together with the weight - now, when logging 12x10 kg dumbbell bicep curls, I can only retrieve the total amount, 120kg

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    Thank you for responding to user feedback, it is greatly appreciated. Please can you tell me where I can find assisted dips and pull ups using an assistance machine as I can't seem to find them? Thank you :)

    Rick P encouraged this.


    Thanks for the guide Giorgio C (and Adrian K) ;-)

    Giorgio C encouraged this.


    Brilliant thanks guys! Loving the new logging system, I spend much less time logging so I can spend more time DOING!


    Does anyone know if you can add Jack Knives on here to your workouts?

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