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User of the Week: @spikeyboy


Posted by Cags R on 26 January 2012 at 10:00 AM

Congratulations Spikey! You’ve been selected to be the Tribesports User of the Week! Along with your shiny new Tribesports Running top and obviously the immeasurable pride you must be feeling, we’d also like to give you an interview! We want to get to know a bit more about you and what you’ve got planned on the horizon. 

So firstly, what’s your favourite sport and how did you get started?

The start can be quite a long story so I’ll try to be brief: Fat boy Spikey actually started on a Wii Fit in 2009. Cycling and running soon followed, then a bit of swimming. The big loss was over four stone; the big find was running.  I realised I like the challenge of running long distances.

You’ve got a pretty long wish list of Equipment, what’s top of the list at the moment? 

You think that’s long? I’m one of these guys that doesn’t know what he wants so just wants everything. I don’t have a ‘top’ - I just want it all. Even more so if it’s shiny. If I was a bird I think I would be a magpie.

We have the Tribesports London Ultra coming up on the 19th February, will you be up for that Challenge?

I am actually pretty excited about the National Cross Country Championships in Scotland the day before. This is the first year I have been a member of an athletic club and Scottish Athletics so is my first opportunity to enter.

A Tribesports Ultra though is right up my street so it’s definitely one for the future. 

I will be down in London for VLM though, so please remember to cheer the guy in the Linlithgow AC top.

You’re currently leading the way on the Oooooh Fruity EXTREME! Challenge, so what’s your favourite fruit and how are you finding the Challenge?

Passion fruit just has so much about it - a wee bit crunch with the seeds, lovely juiciness and a wee bit of fizz on the tongue to finish. Must stop now, I’m dribbling ….

There’s an impressive list of Achievements logged on your page, which one was your biggest Challenge and which are you most proud of?

As I said earlier I started on a Wii Fit in Jan 2009. In August/September of that year I did what I called “my own wee triathlon”. It was over 3 consecutive weekends and involved a mile open water swim, a half marathon and a 50 mile cycle. I still get emotional thinking about that – when I got my life back. So, it’s not on the challenge list, but is my proudest moment.

From the challenge list, I really like the Spiderman Pose one. It looks so simple but I only just reached the minute before collapsing. It just made me smile that one.

Finally what motivates you to get out and keep running? And what wise words can you impart to other users on Tribesports? 

I am hugely motivated by Challenges, which is probably why I like Tribesports so much. From my first 10k in 2009 I kept setting myself further distance challenges, leading to my first ultra.

It’s no longer just that though. I am event director at Falkirk parkrun and senior representative at Linlithgow Athletic Club, and have begun to feel a real part of a running community. So, going back to the Wii Fit on my own is just not an option.

I have no wise words I am afraid. Anyone reading my updates on the fruity extreme challenge will understand that. Instead, I find wise words and inspiration by reading books written by others. So, if it’s OK with you, I would like to share a paragraph from my current book “Running for my life” by Ray Zahab:

It occurred to me that after all these years of being afraid to fail, I didn’t even know what real failure was. I wouldn’t be a failure if I didn’t complete the race! I could only be a failure if I gave up on myself, if I sold myself short. I could still run, and I could walk if I had to. I could learn to adapt and deal with the pain. And that’s what it came down to: I could give up on myself or I could keep on going.”