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Week 1: Stronger Fitter Leaner project


Posted by Adrian K under Weight Training (Strength Training), Pilates, Nutrition on 8 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

Last week we introduced you to Dan M, who is currently undergoing a 4 week bootcamp to complete the Stronger Fitter Leaner Challenge, this week we caught up with him to see how he coped with his first week of Strength training, Pilates and Paleo.

What did you learn from the results of Pat’s analysis / initial consultation? 

A lot! I knew I wasn't the skinniest guy, but to find that I was 26% body fat was a bit of a shock to me. I was obviously initially a bit intimidated by the task ahead of me, but Pat set it all out, explained the methodology behind everything, and gave me a great deal of confidence for the month ahead.

Any major lifestyle changes you will have to make?

It sounds obvious, but I know that even after these four weeks, I will have to control the way I eat and drink and exercise more regularly. Just doing this regime for a week has shown me that it's possible, even with my fairly hectic working hours, to find three times a week at least to go and push weights in the gym.

How did your training sessions with Pat go? 

Dan shoulder press

This week's training was brutal. Pat had me pushing weights around the gym and lifting to my limits, I’ll be training with him every Monday.

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What sort of workouts did you do with Pat? Which exercises did you enjoy most?

All the upper body strength stuff like Trap bar lifts, Arnold Press, etc was more straightforward for me. Lunges and lower body workouts that really pushed my hamstrings and glutes totally wrecked me. I'm terrified of the next lunge I'll have to do.

How did you feel after them and at the end of the week?

I walked very, very slowly to work and got out of bed very, very slowly. Mentally, I feel on top of the world. And I can already start to see some physical changes which is a massive confidence boost.

What other training are you doing?

I did four Pilates sessions and then I went to the gym for the other three days of the week. I did various exercises including Arnold Press, Hanging Garhammer, Split Squats, Bent-Knee Deadlift and Prone Bridging.

Dan pilates reformer bed

What were the Pilates classes like? Were you able to keep up?

The Pilates classes are pretty tough work. Some of the other people in the classes are pretty advanced, and I'm inflexible as it is. The trainers are super nice so you never feel really stupid. I leave each session absolutely knackered and hankering for a protein meal asap.

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How do you feel after a week of eating Paleo? Do your meals leave you full? Hungry? What are your initial thoughts? How does it taste? Do you miss any food? 

Frittata paleo dietInevitably, I miss cereal, bread and crisps. The meals are excellent though, filling and really varied and I don't think that the food aspect of this regime is going to be a problem for me at any point. I'm growing used to slightly smaller portions, and I'm allowed to snack on blueberries and cashews (not too many!) which makes everything a bit more palatable.

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How do you feel overall after your first week?

It's been a bit of a shock to the system. Everyone around me at work and home is really supportive so I'm generally very excited. I haven't slipped at all in terms of my regime - I even went to a boozy dinner party the other day and just sat at the end of the table with my Evolve Primal box and some water! A sorry sight, I know. But totally worth it, I hope! I'm taking a lot on board and I'm learning new strength and pilates workouts all the time to keep things interesting.

Are you taking the StrongerFitterLeaner Challenge? How do you think you would cope with this kind of fitness regime?

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