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Week 3: Stronger Fitter Leaner project


Posted by Adrian K under Pilates, Nutrition, Weight Training (Strength Training) on 22 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

It's the end of week 3 in the Stronger Fitter Leaner project and our guinea pig Dan Moss has had a bit of a tough time this week. Week 1 and Week 2 were all about learning new things, now Dan if really being pushed to reach his new PBs and get that extra stretch at pilates class.

Whilst the initial shock of the routine begins to become a norm in Dan's busy lifestyle, he still faces the same time constraints and social commitments he had before the program began.His trainer Pat has given out some awesome Tips to stay motivated in a fitness program to keep Dan and anyone who is following a fitness program on track.

You’re more than half way into the program now Dan, how are you feeling physically and mentally after week 3?

Dan Moss Stronger Fitter Leaner PilatesMentally and physically I'm feeling really good. Coming into the final furlong of Week 4 I just want to make sure I make a huge effort to maximise my results. I'm led to believe that this week is really where physical results become most apparent and the comments about how I'm looking leaner and generally a bit thinner are a great confidence boost.

Of the whole programme, I think my natural physical disposition is probably towards lifting weights, so I have to say the part of the regime that's required me to adapt most is Pilates and flexibility. I'm not saying I can do the splits or join the ballet just yet, but the improvement has been dramatic.

My girlfriend thought I'd be yearning for crisps and beer by now, but I like to think I've embraced the whole project in the right spirit. My eating habits have improved so much, and I'm keen to maintain my eating schedule, even if I'm not a devout caveman in the kitchen.

Are you still missing any social events or have you found a better balance between training and life in the last week?

I suppose I worked a bit of sport into my social life, playing squash a couple of times over the weekend, and my weekly football on Monday. In truth though, I'm definitely saving my social events up for after this programme. I went to watch the Six Nations final in the pub with a few friends and was happy to kick back drinking water and tea, but I couldn't quite face joining in the St Patrick's Day festivities on Sunday. Some things just can't be done totally sober.

Have you noticed yourself voluntarily picking up any new healthy habits, or any change in attitude over the last few weeks?

Dan Moss Stronger Fitter LeanerI'm waking up earlier without any difficulty, which is fantastic. As a result my worldly knowledge has expanded astonishingly as I listen to the morning news programmes on the radio. Because of the extra time that I am awake, relaxed, and not rushing about, I'm sure I'm getting more done in the day.

I've also been lifting heavier weights in the gym; it's great and quite surprising how lifting heavier weights gets easier - I can see how it gets addictive for some people with its instantaneous physical impact.

With just one week left, are you looking forward to putting the punishing routine behind you after next week? Or will you miss the guidance of Pat, Korin and Niall?

In a sense, it will be a relief, but I've absolutely loved doing this programme. It leads you to think, 'what would I be like after two months following this kind of regime, or three?!' I will definitely miss the guidance provided by Pat, Korin and Niall, but they've taught me some fundamental skills that I can put into practice after this is finished, that will allow me to continue their good work!

Outside of your time with Pat and Korin, how do you structure your training? 

Dan Dumbbell rows I've taken one day's rest a week for recovery and I try and alternate between punishing upper body and lower body / core workouts so I'm able to squeeze the maximum benefit out of them. Working dodgy hours, it's been great to have access to a 24 hour gym, if you haven't tried midnight trap-bar lifting, you're missing out! (NB - I have no idea if that's actually good for you).

Which parts of the program have you struggled with the most?

Without question, the gruelling 9am Monday morning workout with Pat. He just pushes me so hard, and sends me to work feeling absolutely ruined. It's a kick up the backside at the start of the week, just in case I forget how hard this should be!

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