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"Well the weather outside is frightful": Not if you follow our 5 tips on getting active in the snow!


Posted by Cags R under Running on 5 February 2012 at 9:00 AM

 5 Tips to keep you running in the white stuff and remember that Snow is Fun

1. Light Feet: When running on snow you should be light on your feet, running on your toes so if you do slip you're far less likely to completely stack it.

2. Wear the right shoes: Thanks to Nikos for this top tip - Trail shoes or Micro-Spikes fitted on regular running shoes will provide you with some extra grip.

3. Grass and Trails not Pavements: Through excessive use pavements will come icey very quickly - to avoid this aim to run on grassy areas or trails, it will also be lighter impact on your feet.

4. Wrap up Warm: Great tips can be found on the Winter Runners Tribe as to what works for different people.

5. High Vis - Stay Safe: If you're out in an urban area just be aware that other road users will also be effected by the snow, stay visible and safe by giving extra precaution when it comes to motorists.

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    Havent' been for a run yet, but was out walking the dog, and chatted to a guy running on a trail - and he was giving a perfect example of 1. - he didn't look perfect form - but he was staying upright!


    I went for a run this morning on the snow. My tips are to run slowly, and to walk to a grassy area, and then stay running there. It's not a good idea to run on the pavements, but running on the grass around Shoreditch park was fine.


    6. Avoid metal man hole covers and the like 7. Take corners slowly, in case of ice and the above 6.

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    Number 2 is the best tip I think - I just watched 2 mates totter into tesco with plastic bags wrapped around their high heels: Not snow clever

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    Cags, tut tut, they should have been wearing stilettos - micro-spikes(?)


    Haha they were Spikey! Just stilettos wrapped in Morrison bags. Micro Spikes are a tip which @nikos gave @andrew last time it snowed, it's like using snow-chains on your tires but for trainers - attach spikes to regular trainers to make extra grip.


    LOL Cags, stiletto=micro-spike was what I was implying ;-)


    haha ah right, sorry - brain not working well today (stiletto wearing mates at 10am is defo a sign of a hangover trip to tesco)


    Have to agree with @cags - My inov8's and sealskinz were an awesome combination - I was bounding back up the slope today. The best hill intervals ever as long as the rest period didn't plonk me into the fence or the stream!

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