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What are your goals for the year?


Posted by Barry B under General on 8 February 2012 at 11:02 AM

January is now well and truly behind us - and with it have gone the short-term resolutions and promises we all valiantly vowed to stick to in 2012. Did anyone keep to them? We thought not.

Here at Tribesports we're all about helping people like you improve as a sportsperson, whether you're a professional athlete or a Sunday fun-runner. We believe that no matter what level you perform at, there's always room to improve and that with enough support, advice and encouragement, there's always a better performance in you.

This is why we've decided to make February all about goal-setting. Not short-term challenges or false promises, but long term ambitions. Things that you want to achieve but are not sure about.

Today, we're asking all members to commit to one major challenge for 2012. It might be running a marathon, or setting a personal best for a 25 mile time-trial. It could be jumping or throwing further, or just committing to more regular training sessions. The best part about it is that you're in charge.

To help you, the Tribesports team have shared their year-long goals below. Have a read and - if you're feeling inspired - set yourself one major challenge this year


My goal for 2012 is to set a new PB, to run further than I've ever run before. In the past, I've been running as far as 50 ~ 55 km. Let's make it challenging, let's hit twice the symbolic marathon distance by running a double marathon.


My aim for 2012 is to overcome injury and get myself fitter/stronger than I have ever been before by eating well and following an actual training programme, improving my core strength and hill climbing ability (having just read Marco Pantani's biography). I want to compete in a cycling road race - around 100 miles in a day - and not make a fool of myself.


My goal for 2012 is to score a goal from outside the box. Sounds like a simple one, but the opportunities don't come along in every match. Need to sharpen up my shooting.


I have spent years plodding through marathons, at a comfortable pace (for me) - many 4 hrs, some 3:30, but I have never tried to push my pace. I have become lazy with marathons! So the goal this year is 3:15. I have no idea if I am capable of it, but I'm going to try hard to make it happen! 2013 = sub 3, so I need to get a wriggle on :-)


My goal is to run 10km in under an hour and take part in at least 5 organised events across a minimum of 3 disciplines in 2012 - variety is the spice if life!


I've got two, both running, one involving speed, the other stamina.

First one is to run 25k in less than 25 minutes  - it was only December that I was running 5k in 32 minutes, I'm now at 26 mins+

Second one could be to run my first 15k, since I hadn't run anywhere near that distance since University and was only at 5k or so in December. However, since I'm already at 11.5k (at its just the start of Feb) then I'm going to go for a half marathon.


I'm aiming to take on my first 10k this year. I have never really run as a discipline so I think it'll take a lot of commitment to keep at it.


Tennis – improve my tennis serve before the summer with the target of beating some of my tennis pals 6-0 (not losing a point on my serve in the set).

Running – To record a PB for a Half Marathon running @ 1 hour 45 minutes.

Try 5 sports I have never done before.…starting with Climbing, followed by Rowing, Fencing, Boxing and Judo in the built up to the 2012.


I have three goals for 2012: the toughest is to run a marathon in under 3:30hrs. I've always hovered around the 4 hour mark but have never put in as much training as I should, so this year changes all that. Ancillary to this is to get my weight down to under 13 stone (which should help the running). I yo-yo too much but this time it's staying off for good!

My final goal is to get my handicap in golf down to single figures. Very tough!


My goal for the year is to achieve genuine aerobic fitness for the first time in a decade. Cricket and occasional squash do very little for endurance, so I'm going to have a stab at the following challenges:

If there were a "run for 5 minutes without walking" challenge I'd probably start with that, of course. :-)


After running 1000km last year in my first year of running, I'm attempting to run 2012km this year.  I also plan to run my first marathon in Belfast in May, and I'm hoping to beat my half marathon time of 1:45:45 from Cardiff last year in the Brighton Half Marathon at the end of February.  I'm planning to try out lots of new sports, and I'm also hoping to complete the challenge of exercising every day for a year.


Over the last year I have started to take strength training a lot more seriously, and have recently started to get into olympic lifting, managing to complete a 90kg clean and jerk. For the rest of the year I am looking to keep getting stronger and learning to perform a 50% progressing to a 100% bodyweight snatch, and a 150% bodyweight clean and jerk. Would be good to get in a bit more snowboarding at home and abroad as well.


As cheesy as it might sound, we're all here to support you - so if you're in need of encouragement, support or just want a good old-fashioned kick up the backside, you know where to turn.

In the meantime, it's over to you. What is your biggest sporting goal for 2012? Share yours below and don't forget to take (or create!) a challenge that matches.

Good luck!