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What makes Performance Fit


Posted by Jenna A on 18 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

The Performance range is designed specifically to help you perform at your best - but what does it mean to be performance fit?

Men's Performance Tech TeePerformance sportswear lies close to the skin with the ergonomic seams of the garment following the contours of your body, to provide the most comfortable, performance-enhancing fit possible.

Why would Performance Fit improve my sporting performance?

  1. Minimalise the movement of the garment - reducing the risk of rubbing or chafing while the ergonomic seam construction works with the natural movement of your body.

  2. The performance fit will make you more streamlined - aiding your efficiency on the move and will allow full range of movement without any restrictions.

  3. Wicking fabrics are most effective when they are close to the skin - the performance fit products are designed to carry moisture away from your skin to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric - keeping you cool, dry and ready for any Challenge!

  4. Minimalise the weight of the garment - seems obvious but close-fitting performance sportswear will be lighter than regular cut T-shirts, especially once you start to sweat.

  5. Length of Performance range - is there anything more irritating than wearing a top that rides up as you're working out? This is why performance fit products will sit below the waistline to ensure your sportswear stays right where you want it!

How do I choose the right size for performance wear?

First off, let's get one thing straight: MEN - you are not all medium!

In our research, an overwhelming number of men (within around a 10 inch chest size range) claimed that when they bought sportswear, they bought a size medium. When purchasing a regular T-shirt, this may not be an issue, however, performance fit garments are designed as a close-to-skin fit.

That's why it's very important to know your measurements when ordering performance fit sportswear. 

Men's Size Chart

  • To measure your chest, take a tape measure (or let's be realistic, get a friend to do it!) around the widest part of your chest.

  • Take the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist (use your belly-button as a guide) 

  • Take the tape measure around the widest part of your butt (and be honest about the number!!)

These will provide you with your guide to what size performance fit you should be wearing. 

Ladies - congratulations! In our sample group, women were far more accurate with what size they would buy. Check out our size guide on what size performance fit will get you performing at your best:

Women's size guide

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