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Where do the savings on Tribesports Performance wear come from?


Posted by Steve R on 28 August 2013 at 11:00 AM

Would you pay $42 for a short sleeved Tech Tee? That's the RRP that we've uncovered from 7 of the leading sports brands - but it doesn't have to be that way.

The Tribesports Performance range has been built on the principle that traditional retail methods are costing you - the consumer - too much for quality sportswear.

Budgeting in the necessities and ensuring the highest quality technical specifications for the end product, we've stripped out 40% of the cost and are passing those saving to YOU.

Check out where these savings are coming from below:

Tribesports way VS Traditional way - saving you 40% on premium sportswear

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    The disturbing point about the leading brand name sportswear companies charging so much for their product is that the items are manufactured in poorer countries for next to nothing. Opinions can could argue that the manufacturer is providing work for the poor but really they are just taking advantage of people who could never hope to buy that $42 t-shirt. I hope TS makes the ethical choice. I would pay more for a t-shirt if I knew it was made in the UK/US/Canada/EUR/modern country.

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    It would be great to see the workers adequately, and realistically, rewarded for their labour

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    what R&D is there going to happen?


    @sheilarmt - i warn in advance, this is a long answer (sorry!) I wanted to make sure that i fully addressed your concerns. Currently, the fabric mills and factories that we are working with are mainly based in Taiwan. We're working with one of the world's leading performance sportswear manufacturers - They get independently audited regularly and are also Blue Sign partners for sustainable fabric production. They are also accredited for their fair pay and conditions by numerous leading global sports brands. Ethical trade is fundamental to what we believe in. This was an important factor when choosing where to manufacture and who with. We are cheaper than same-quality products from other sports brands because we cut out the inefficiencies of the traditional retail model, not because we make compromises in the production process. As we get traction and in the future we would love to bring production and jobs into more of the markets that we sell in, and work with you guys to make those decisions based on demand. For the time being, with Taiwan being a key world centre for performance sportswear production, it makes sense for us to start from there. A major part of what we want to do re. revolutionizing the industry is to really explain and share the whole product development process - including taking video footage and photographs in the factory - their incredible work should be celebrated!


    @sheilarmt is making a point here, and I agree with her. And what @jenna is saying makes a lot of sense... Let's hope for the future the production can be moved west (no offense meant for Taiwan, of course)

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    Anyway, I cannot wait for my stuff to be delivered.. and if it comes with Giorgio C embroidered, that will be fantastic :D

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    @jedders - in the launch range that you have seen the focus has been on development of unique, high-quality technical fabrics: peach finish, moisture wicking, ultra lightweight, 4-way stretch etc. working with our factories to achieve the perfect performance composition. We're really excited about bringing more exciting and new technical performance concepts to the range as we all grow this together - R&D is absolutely key!

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