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Why Tribesports loves cycling!


Posted by Cags R under Cycling on 7 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

Your answers to the all important question: why do you love cycling?

We teamed up with Tour of Britain to find out what it was that we all love about life on 2 wheels. We had everything from 'it saved my life' to 'I like feeling my hair-less legs!' but what is it that really gets you guys going for cycling? We broke down all your answers to find out the main reasons why cycling is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe and found some pretty amazing answers out there:

I love cycling because of the thrills, the spills, the glory, the friends, the fun, the pain, the pride, the ride, the finish line.......  - Stu M

8.7% Adrenaline - whether it's from the thrill of speed on the roads or of the extreme challenges on the mountains, Tribesports can't get enough of it! 

I love cycling because it's the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground and no matter how fast and far you go, you can always go faster and farther. - H M 

10.6% Aesthetics and fashion - now this ranged from men loving to shave their legs, a great excuse to wear lycra or just the effect that spinning those pedals has on one's bums and legs! Men and women both commented on the changes in shape and size that cycling had on their bodies. 

I love cycling because It gives me power, strength and endurance. But above all these; it helps me to keep fit and gives me a pair of gorgeous legs. - 
Rebecca K

I love cycling because it keeps me fit and I get to wear lycra! - Paul D

I love cycling because I love immacing my legs and fitting my fat mass into a skin suit, boom back in the room. - Andy B 

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6.3% Money Saving -
 the petrol money saved by cyclist wasn't the biggest priority for Tribesporters; guess it's true that money can't buy their love! Definintely acknowledged as a major perk though:

I love cycling because it saves me money, keeps me fit, I get to meet new friends and I get to loads of the countryside. - Dominic D

12.2% Social and Family - getting out and about with friends and family as well as meeting new people is a great reason to cycle! From sharing precious memories of your kid's first ride to a raucous retelling of the day's adventure in the pub, the cycling community is a big factor in what gets you on your bike:

I love cycling because over the past two years it has helped me and my friends to de-stress, explore some of our beautiful countryside, amaze people in local village pubs with what we have done and do some mad, mad cycle rides and adventures! We're better for it - both in health and mind - and it has helped to forge friendships and given us memories which we laugh about every day! - Michelle C

I love cycling because it allows me to spend quality time with all of my family and we see parts of the country that cars just dont get to. - Jules H

10.2% Inclusive - Tribesports loves the inclusive nature of cycling!

I love cycling because it is all encompassing, welcoming anyone regardless of colour, faith, creed and ability. - James M

14.2% Stress and mental health - cycling clearly has a soothing effect for everyone; so many answers included phrases such as 'my time', 'destress' and 'escape'. It is really amazing to see the mental benefits that physical activity can have!

I love cycling because I have tourette syndrome and I don't tic at all when I ride my bike. The more I ride, the less I tic... heaven. :) - Jennie R

I love cycling because the feeling of being free is completely exhilarating after a long day stuck in the office. The ability to leave the stress of a working day behind me as I zoom along on my bike puts a smile on my face. - Melissa M

Now for the big guns - the top 3 reasons why Tribesports loves cycling:

In third place we have the Environment and the Outdoors - 24.4% of you said that helping the environment and getting out into the great outdoors was your reason for loving cycling! Whether it's finding secluded spots which are inaccessible to cars or simply opening your eyes in a busy city, fresh air and clean energy is a major reason to get on your bike:

I love cycling because it is not only good for us to do but good for the environment as well, cycling can help protect the world for future generations and it's fun - win win all round  - Alisdair G

I love cycling because it's a personal challenge, it gets me outdoors in all types of weather, I can chose where I want to cycle, I can go for as long as I want. It's a great stress reliever!  The freedom of the open roads - you can't beat it! - Manda T

Second place is claimed by the Health benefits, Recovery and Weightloss which cycling provides - 27.5% of answers included reasons of improved health, rehabilitation from injury and weightloss for why cycling is amazing! 

I love cycling because it saved my life. - Toby F

I love cycling because it has given me a new lease of life, it has helped me stop smoking for 8 months and lose 2 and a half stone - Duane G

I love cycling because I'm still going strong at 69. - Les V

I love cycling because 7 months ago I was so crippled with pain due to my knee being bone to bone that I was contemplating using crutches or a wheelchair to get about. Cycling has helped me get fitter and healthier and also helps me get to the gym! I am even doing LA Fitness Capital to Coast challenge next June 2013! - Lynette W

And finally, the one we've all been waiting for....the top reason why Tribesports loves cycling is.... FREEDOM!!!

I believe I quote Braveheart when I say 'You may take our lives but you may never take our BIKES' and this is the message we got loud and clear from all your answers - Over 30% of you gave it as the main reason why you love cycling! 

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