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Why Tribesports Performance wear says NO to PROs


Posted by Cags R on 10 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

In our survey, which we put to over 1300 Tribesports members, 71% of you feel forced to make a choice between quality and price when buying sportswear. But it doesn't have to be that way.

"As an athlete, I want high quality; as a student, a need low prices. I try to meet somewhere in the middle." - Brett B

Tribesports Performance wear is built on a model which puts real sportspeople first - there is a way to make top-quality sportswear at an affordable price, you just need to strip out the inefficiencies of the traditional sportswear retail model:

The Tribesports Way

So why do Tribesports say NO to Pro Endorsement?

In a quick quiz, we asked how much our users believed Nike paid Maria Sharapova, Puma paid Usain Bolt, and Adidas paid Derrick Rose. A staggering 80% of you guys under-estimate just how much pros get paid by leading sports brands. 

  • Nike reportedly pay Maria Sharapova $9 million a year
  • Puma reportedly match this for their deal with Usain Bolt - another $9 million per year
  • Adidas reportedly spend $20 million on Derrick Rose every year

"Why can't it just be a good enough product that you don't have to have a celebrity say it is I sometimes have doubts about celebrity endorsed products as to whether they are really good or they just have enough money to pay them to say it is." - Selena S

And now for the really interesting question:Pro Endorsement Affecty

86.5% of our sample group said that pro endorsement either had no effect or would make them less likely to purchase the endorsed product.

"If I know someone (either in person or through Tribesports) I can ask them about the items use and function. Pros endorse sportswear because it pays, not because they love it through use." - Brandon G

So it was a pretty simple decision; we figured we would save millions of dollars on pro endorsement deals and just give you the best quality sportswear at 40% off!

100% funding goal reached

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