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Women's Fitness Home Workout


Posted by Priya S under Fitness & Training on 7 October 2013 at 11:00 PM

Want to get a great workout without hitting the gym? The team over at Women's Fitness magazine have shared this as one of their favorite ways to sneak a little extra workout into your day.

Women's Fitness Home Workout

The Women's Fitness Home Workout requires a chair, a resistance band and around 15 minutes - perfect for first thing in the morning or a cheeky lunch time workout!

A couple of tips on the chair workout:

  1. Don't use a swivel chair! Ideally, use a sturdy chair or a box for the workout.

  2. As your strength improves, increasing the height of the box on the decline push-ups will improve your shoulder strength.

  3. If you struggle with the one-legged plank, it is better to perform a regular plank and build up to the one-legged variation

Resistance band rows are a great way to work your arms and core, but what if you don't have a resisitance band? Well, first off, you can pick one up for as little as $5 and they are an amazingly diverse fitness tool which you can use for stretching, recovery and adding resistance to body weight exercises. However, if you've spent your fitness budget for the month (it happens to everyone!) then you can always use this awesome alternative:

Old bike inner tubes - don't throw out you old inner tubes when you get a puncture, use them as resistance bands, if you're not a cyclist then you can always try and get them from bike repair shops - once they're punctured they're really not much use to anyone!

Add the Women's Fitness Home Workout to your daily routine to give an extra oomph to your fitness!