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Workouts for your Cheap Home Gym


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training, Weight Training (Strength Training) on 3 May 2013 at 11:00 PM

Home gyms don't need to be a massive expense; the team over at Built Lean have put together an awesome article on How to build a home gym for under $200. We've taken a look at their cheap home gym list and put together some of the best workouts to use with your home gym:

Cheap home gym

Pull up bar - Built Lean recommend the ~$20 Iron Gym Pull Up Bar:

"Pull-ups are the king of upper body exercises and a staple for anyone who wants to get in great shape and build superior upper body strength. Pull-up bars such as the Iron Gym are fairly inexpensive and are easily hung in most standard doorways."

Al Kavadlo intermediate Challenge

This is a particularly good piece of equipment if you don't have an area in your home which you can permanently commit to being your 'workout area' - the pull up bar can be hung and taken down easily. Alternatively, you can pick up a more permanent feature which would be screwed into the wall with the benefit of a cheap price tag.

Why are pull up bars awesome? It's simple: Pull ups are the ultimate body weight exercise and pull up bars can be used for a variety of core strength exercises!

For example, Al Kavadlo's Challenge uses a pull up bar for both pull ups and hanging knee raises.

Resistance bands - simple, compact and most importantly, CHEAP! The resistance band is versatile for different exercises - from flexibility exercises to inceasing resistance in body weight exercises, resistance bands are a great addition to you budget home gym. Check out our Resistance band workout for a quick home workout. Resistance band workout

Kettlebells - in the past few years, kettlebells have made their way from being a reasonably obscure strength weight to becoming a staple in main stream gyms and home gyms alike. Kettlebells can be picked up for around $20-$50 depending on the weight you buy and unlike conventional home weights, they needn't take up half your garage! Easy to store, the kettlebell's versatility when it comes to functional strength training makes it a great addition to your home gym. We worked with Lauren Brooks to put together this Kettlebell workout which uses compound exercises to build all round strength:

Lauren Brookes Kettlebell Workout

What piece of essential equipment would you add to your cheap home gym? Share your best tips below!

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    Skipping rope, medicine ball....and I can't get by without my home made punching/kicking bag (two old denim skirts sewn together and filled with old towels, sheets, clothes, etc)

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    Not that you need any equipment but I have to say a simple Step is a perfect all rounder. Cardio, strength, upper body, lower body, core. As hard or easy as you want.


    emm.. its good to have some simple workout equipments at home to help along during training. ;D over here in Singapore, the government have built plenty of those workout equipments in the nearby district park, so its free for everybody to use of them.

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