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“You are what you eat” : Do you tailor your diet around your lifestyle or your lifestyle around your diet?


Posted by Cags R on 25 January 2012 at 10:00 AM

January is a time for cutting the crud out of your diet and focusing on a new healthy you for the New Year – and then January 2nd comes around and it’s back to business as usual! Annually we put ourselves on dietary probation: no chocolate, no booze, an unhealthy amount of Special K etc. which typically this late in January people will have abandoned and are returning to their regular dietary routine. 

But what simple changes are you making to improve your diet or to tailor it to your training? 

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to your diet try out the Food Diary Challenge

After your 3 weeks are up see if you can implement a change in your diet to help you on the road to body beautiful - try having fruit everyday with the Oooooh Fruity Challenge or up your protein sources with the Have a source of protein with each meal Challenge

Whether it’s more protein for strength training or carb loading before a big race, we want to know your top tips for a sporting diet!

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    I completed the 4 weeks without soda drinks challenge in September last year - I'm not a fan of new year, new you stuff, but using these challenges to break or create a habit really works for me - I am definitely not needing diet coke like I did before. And now I am using the Oooooh, fruity! challenge to get me eating fruit regularly. I am a big believer in motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going...


    I'm trying (so far unsuccessfully) to snack on fruit at work. There's a full bag of clementines giving me dirty looks from behind my screen.

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    I'm not a fan of restricting certain foods from your diet, I follow a non invasive IF diet that might not be for everyone but allows me to eat junk food, chocolate, fruit and alcohol on a weekly basis while staying very lean. The other 80% of the food I eat is stuff I like, that provides good nutrition, especially protein, and is not processed.

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    I'm pursuing a resolution (which I'm not keeping successfully so far) whereby I don't consume any liquid-based calories when I'm not actively training. In fact, I might create a challenge for it!

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    Barry I got my dad doing this, his current diet was maintaining / slowly stripping away fat. But extra calories from drinks really do add up if you are trying to lean down.

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    have started this year making smoothies after I exercise and anytime I fancy really. In particular it acts as a great breakfast at the weekend rather than going for the big fry up option.

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    @willr, the smoothies really are a great breakfast option. I got some odd looks taking this vat of purple liquid into work each day(having breakfast in work, naughty i know!) but I really noticed my health improving-particularly skin and immune system! :-)

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    @cags89 - unfortunately there is always a miracle cure for everything being promoted and sold somewhere. I read the above link and I highly doubt that anyone can loose that much weight in that time frame. I have some simple nutrition rules that I follow pretty regularly - no white foods, no deprivation, plants and proteins are your friends. I once heard a nutritionist say if it doesn't come from the ground or have a mother, don't eat it, not bad advice.

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    Solid advice Jo, it came up on Facebook and seemed so ridiculous I just had to ask!

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