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Zombie Sunday: Are you ready???


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 6 May 2012 at 7:15 AM

Zombie ApocalypseThe Tribesports User of the Week Frank P has been preparing you for a Zombie Apocalypse!

So what is it you have to do to beat the undead?

Challenge 1 - is all about Cardio! Zombies can't eat your brains if they can't catch you! Push ups, crunches and squats require a strong core too.

Challenge 2 - requires explosive power and core strength and to quote the man himself: Rest is not advised because zombies DON'T REST!!!

Challenge 3 - will test your 800m running skills and will force you to battle gravity with handstand push-ups and pull ups too.

Challenge 4 - will test your strength and endurance as you take 5 sets of this full body work out!

Challenge 5 - simply asks you to RUN!! 1 hour of running and post how far you get.

Challenge 6 - you'll need to stay limbre to take on the zombies - cramp or muscle strain is not an option so stretch!

Challenge 7 - 2:30 rowing splits, push ups and pull ups for 30 minutes - does anyone know if zombies can swim?!

Challenge 8 - get legs that can kick the head off a zombie with this one; weights followed by sprints. Killer!

Challenge 9 - you'll complete of a total 45 pull ups so prepare yourself for the gunshow!

Challenge 10 - Frank calls this one the ZPC Tri, 10k run, 10k row, 10k bike

Challenge 11
 - another time trial for you to complete as many weight sets as possible. Keep good form throughout or The Form Police will be on to you!

Challenge 12 - they were bound to catch you at some, not the zombies, BURPEES!!

Challenge 13 - unlucky for some, the 13th Challenge will have you swinging kettlebells, a firm favourite for Tribesports users Louise F and Kirstie M.

Challenge 14 - when the zombies do attack you won't have access to the gym anymore so here are the body-weight resistance movements

Challenge 15 - brick workout for 45 minutes, the sprint ZPC tri tests how many repetitions you can get through.

If the Zombies don't kill you maybe Frank's Challenges will! How many can you complete?