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Zombie Survival Your Best Training Tips


Posted by Priya S under Adventure Racing on 31 October 2013 at 12:00 PM


COMPETITION UPDATE:  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Run For Your Lives race entries and discount code have been withdrawn from the prize draw.

HOWEVER...the awesome Rugged Maniac has come to the rescue! Winning entries from our competition will be awarded a pair of tickets to any Rugged Maniac 5k obstacle race. So you can still use all your training to tackle mud swamps, climb over walls and jump over fire pits!  Thank you Rugged Maniac - join their tribe now

So you've made it this far through the zombie apocalypse but as midnight approaches, it's only going to get worse!

This halloween, we've worked with awesome partners such as Al Kavadlo, Hybrid Athlete and the Kettlebell Bombshell to bring you 4 workouts to prepare you for the zombie apocalypse. We asked how you were training - and you came back in your hundreds with some of the best zombie preparedness training tips imaginable - so here are some of the cracking answers to keep the undead at bay!

First off, we have to give a massive shout out to our favorite responses on Twitter which came from Jo Southall and Claire Conner - zombie survival for wheelchair users:

Zombie survival for wheelchair users

Sarah D
Then, we have the amazing (slightly mad) mom, Sarah D:

I have my son dress up like a zombie and chase me around. I get my running in and have fun at the same time!

Our top 2 from Facebook were:

Rebecca Monaco (zombies, seriously, don't mess with this one!)

  1. Army Ruck marches! at least 6 miles once a week with 50 pounds on your back. in a zombie apocalypse you have to be able to travel fast on foot while carrying all of your belongings.
  2. Then I build up my foundation of strength by power lifting three times a week following the Starting Strength program focusing on the Squat, Bench, overhead press, deadlift and power clean.
  3. I mix in sprints once a week for those moments when you have to be faster then zombies and...
  4. Endurance runs because zombies don't get tired so neither should you! I always get one WOD a day in, using sandbags carrys, rope climbs and of course sledge hammer swings (to practice knocking the heads off of zombies)

And Alex Bailey (survival of the fittest strategist) 

I'm going to various running classes and making friends with everyone slower than me...if you catch my drift? ... But on a serious note, at the gym 3-4x a week doing compound barbell exercises (squat, bench, row chin, deads and presses) and 2 kettlebell classes a week. Get used to throwing kettlebells as a weapon in the Zombie Apocalypse...COME AT ME BRO!

Another great Twitter entry came from Tobias Devilsh whose canine companion is his zombie training partner:

Tobias zombie entry Tweet

 Sebastian KSebastian J will survive with a little help from his friends:

I convinced some of my friends to surprise me during my running route and chase me like if they were zombies. It's really paying off!!!

Codi M seems more concerned that she'll be a great zombie if worst-comes-to-worst:

Zumba! One of the best cardio workouts out there capable of burning 600-1000 calories an hour. It also encourages flexibility, stamina and fun! And if it still fails to help you survive, you've got a leg up (until it falls off) on your fellow zombies when it comes to dancing Thriller.

Matt N And Matt N seems to be thinking the same:

I've been waiting for the inevitable zompocalypse for most of my life, ever since seeing Michael Jackson's Thriller video. In preparation, I've been taking jazz and tap, because I figure if I'm dancing right alongside those rotting corpses, they'll be too busy to try to munch on my brain.

Your answers so far have been AWESOME, so keep them coming and we'll be announcing the winners of the competition on Sunday.

Oh, and one last thing - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!