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12 Golf Courses in a Calendar Year

Play a round of golf on 12 different courses in any calendar year - that's only 1 a month. But they must be different courses not 12 times on the same course

12 Golf Courses in a Calendar Year Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“1. Chantilly National Golf and Country Club 2. Dominion Valley Country Club 3. Farmington Country Club 4. Westfield Golf Club 5. Westwood Country Club 6. Rivercreek Country Club 7. Kinloch Golf Club (The Best by far!) 8. International Country Club 9. Herndon Golf Course 10. Spring Creek Golf Club 11. Shenandoah Golf Course 12. Raspberry Falls Golf”

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Fiona W 12 Golf Courses in a Calendar Year Challenge

Fiona W I hadn't realised I'd travelled so much this year to play golf! Home course, Southwold, Bungy, Lowestoft, Aldeburgh, Ufford Park, Dunstan Hall, New Malton, Menzies Bar Hill, Golf Park Puntiro and Alcanada (both in Mallorca). So 10 down two to go....

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Steve R 12 Golf Courses in a Calendar Year Challenge

Contributorgold Steve R Great challenge - in a year that I hope to learn to play golf, this is a great one to get me going. I'll centre challenge time nearer the summer though, when I hopefully will know a little about the game to make the green fees worth it!


Funnily enough, nearly, this weekend. We've looked into the broadwater driving range just yesterday, and now need to buy some clubs, and then emma and I are off. later than planned, but 100% am going to get into golf this year. you can hold me to that. not got a lot of money at the mo tho, and its a high cost barrier sport

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It can be a bit pricey. But you can get really good second hand clubs at most driving ranges - or even really good single clubs. You don't need a full set of 9 irons, 3 woods and a putter. Get a decent lightweight bag and a putter that suits you and then build the rest of your set gradually - a 3 wood, a pitcher, 7 iron and 4 iron is really all a beginer needs. There are some great municiple courses out there with reasonable green fees.


This is very useful, thanks Nick.

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19th January 2012