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Related to the 4 weeks without soda drinks OnceChallenge

Is there a supplement that will give you the effects of s...

Question • 9 answers

A can of off brand soda has 35mg sodium, 41g carbs, 41g sugar and 21mg caffeine. I have read so many different views on the subject but should I be getting any of these values from another source?

Newest answer

Perhaps try Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition.It has zero sugar and gives you a good "kick".


What have you guys done about headaches?

Question • 7 answers

I tried giving up pop before, and lasted about 2 months, but then I would start getting really bad headaches. What have some of you guys done to prevent this, or help it go away?

Newest answer

The most common headache during soda withdrawal  is of course caffeine related. Try breaking the soda habit first by using over the counter caffeine pills to prevent the headaches. Then it's simply a matter of cutting the 100 mg tabs and slowly weaning your...


Can you use Crystal Light for flavor?

Question • 2 answers

Newest answer

I would not use Crystal Light. It uses aspartame as the sweetner, which not only makes your crave sugar more; because your body does not recogonize it. Aspartame is tagged with aluminum which and it is linked to a host of medical problems. A better option w...


Tea without sugar is okay, right?

Question • 7 answers

I can do without pop, but I was just wondering if sugarless tea is okay because that is mainly what I drink.

Newest answer

I would say you are good to go as long as it doesnt fizz


Does Cedevita and alcohol count as a soda drink?

Question • 4 answers

I know its kinda of a dumb question,but if anyone could answer it, it would be nice :)

Newest answer

Alcohol and energy drinks would be too much for me.  lol :-)  


Do isotonic drinks such as Gatorade, 100Plus etc count as...

Question • 9 answers

All these isotonic drinks are bound to contain some form of sugar, so I'm wondering if these count? Even off-the-shelf fruit juices contain lots of sugars so it's kinda hard to distinguish.

Newest answer

On the other hand, you should choose the sugary version over diet one actually as sweeteners have the opposite effect of lowering your calorie intake. If you drink a soda, your brain expects a sugar hit. If non comes, you crave for it from other sources and...


Would coffee count?

Question • 6 answers

Newest answer

Coffee aint a soda so....take the coffee out in a next challenge ;0)


Not feeling ready to give up soda.. any tips?

Question • 23 answers

Addict here, guilty... Anyhow im drinking up to 1 somethimes 2 liters of soda (coca cola, ice tea, ...) a day.. I must say im addicted to coca cola the most, guessing its the sugar / caffeine... anyone having the same 'problem' (im at this stage atm, knowi...

Newest answer

day 28 is coming to an end! 4 weeks ago i started this challenge and the start was rough, but i fought it and it felt great! 


If I am not a soda drinker, does that count??

Question • 3 answers

Newest answer

I tend to agree with Zachary.  I'd think the "I've Done This Before" option covers life choices and you can consider it completed.  At the same time Monica's point is really important, we do these for the challenge not for the achievement.


Would I be able to drink carbonated water?

Question • 3 answers

Newest answer

I don't consider things like Perrier, club soda, tonic water to be part of this challenge. The main evil in soda drinks is the amount of sugar some something like Perrier and club soda would therefore be safe. Other members in the past had mentioned that th...



Question • 8 answers

Indian Tonic water. soda water or bitter lemon count?! Thanks for your help!  Keish

Newest answer

If you make your own soda water than there is no sodium.


from slim body to fat or fit!

Question • 5 answers

wat should i becvome more fitter..i mean to become fat as what i am now..coz my friends tellin me that im "payatot" please help me solve my problem..

Newest answer

what is tagalog? lol


Would you go further?

Question • 6 answers

Newest answer

Ab-so-frickin'-lutely!!! I'm done with soda, pop, soda-pop.. whatever you wanna call it!


what about iced tea?

Question • 4 answers

the only difference is that soda has carbonated water. they're both pretty high in sugar content, so i'm wondering if it's allowed if i drink this instead. i know it's a stupid question but bear with me.

Newest answer

Absolutely no sugar or sugar substitutes allowed!


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