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Related to the 5 times Around the World in 365 days OnceChallenge

How far are we going exactly?

Question • 1 answer

I never participated in the Around the World in 365 Days and not sure what the final goal in miles would be.

Newest answer

The distance around the world once is 24,901.55 miles or (40,075.16 kilometers). So multiply that by 5 and we get 124,507.75 miles or (200,375.80 kilomenters). Better get busy! We only have a year to complete this!


Adding a mileage board for automatic counting

Question • 0 answers

Can we create one super duper team where everyone is in it.  So that we can just log our mileage and this challenge will automatically add our miles?  I rather let my legs do the numbers and not my brains - whatever that is left of it.

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