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Blue Bell Run

Get out in the countryside and run, walk or cycle through some lush woodland. Photograph the scene and post on the challenge page to complete

Blue Bell Run Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“I run through Paradise every day... the only hard bit was choosing which pics to upload”

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Netta P Blue Bell Run Challenge

Contributorgold Netta P Ahihud Forest

20121231192133-737735_10200232960126701_1776995152_o 20121231192137-740155_10200232914645564_931314377_o 20121231192329-739971_10200232958486660_1964167308_o 20121231193037-738151_10200232915365582_915442247_o

Ian L encouraged this.


Looks like a lovely place to run thanks for sharing Netta .

Netta P encouraged this.


it was ! a new bike single thast is still being built in the Ahihud Forest. it was heaven :)

Ian L encouraged this.

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Karen L Blue Bell Run Challenge

Contributorgold Karen L A lttle past their best but pretty nonetheless - on yesterday's walk.

20120513203949-img_0515 20120513203952-img_0514 20120513203955-img_0516 20120513203958-img_0518 20120513204003-img_0527 20120513204009-img_0525

wow...beautiful pics Karen...u live in such a serene place :)

Karen L encouraged this.


You are so lucky to have scenery like that :)

Karen L encouraged this.

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Jane W Blue Bell Run Challenge

Contributorsilver Jane W Blue Bell Run challenge, started off raining (alot), then the rain stopped and the sun came out and it was even more beautiful ... next weekend I think will be better but still glorious and has a WOW factor! You can't beat the real thing though!

20120429152541-img_0346 20120429152545-img_0356

Looks like a nice run Jane

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Challenge creator

Nick B

created the challenge

21st April 2012