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Celebrate Juice

We all have our favourite tipple, our elixir of life that keeps us going and pushes us farther. In this challenge I'm simply asking you to tell us what you drink and why.

Celebrate Juice Challenge rules

  1. Tell us what you drink
  2. Why you drink it
  3. Ideally to enhance performance in sport..."I drink Buckfast cos it get's me smashed quicker" isn't what I'm looking for
  4. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Recent advice

“I just bought a giant bag of carrots, and have been drinking 32 oz of carrot, apple, cucumber juice in the mornings. With the first sip, I feel an instant ZING!!! ”

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Jayney G Celebrate Juice Challenge

Contributorbronze Jayney G Green juice two days now. Cucumber and celery. Fantastically cleansing. Eyes look brighter and skin clearer already.

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Kirsten M Celebrate Juice Challenge

Contributorgold Kirsten M Favourite is a home made of smoothie made up of:
1 banana
1 tall glass orange juice
1 large handful of blueberries
6 large strawberries
1 squeezed lime
1 handful of fresh raspberries
All into the blender and enjoy!


Gives me a huge energy boost and I think of all those antioxidants assisting my daily routine!

Nigel G encouraged this.


Sounds really nice, exempt for the fact I can't have banana (Anaphylaxis)

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Ron W Celebrate Juice Challenge

Contributorgold Ron W Today I'm completing a 30 day juice fast. While I experimented quite a bit (many losers!) my two main stays were RED and GREEN.

8 apples
3-4 Beets
1-2 inches of ginger
6-8 carrots
1 Lemon

8 apples
4 cucumbers
1-2 inches of ginger
1 bunch Kale or spinach or whatever greeny you want.
1 Lemon

Each makes about a half gallon, the green makes a bit more than the red. Actual amounts vary per size of fruit/veg's involved.

I found that RED was really good for breakfast and as a post work out recovery drink. Green was good for lunch/dinner or anytime through out the day.


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I tried the green today (my first attempt at juicing). I think I figured out why it works...I burn more calories cleaning my juicer than what I drink! Haha! Seriously, better tasting than what I expected!


Yes! That's a pain the butt, isn't it!?!?! It gets easier when it becomes routine, at least it did for me! Also, I made both RED and GREEN at the same time, but I made Green first so I didn't have to clean the machine between recipes. I'm pretty sure the red beets would've shown up in the GREEN if I hadn't. One other thing I didn't mention in my long message to you, don't worry about ingredients you don't like. You're probably not going to taste them in the juice or they're going to taste differently. Like I can't stand kale and don't eat it, but in the juice it was fine and I didn't even know it was there. That's how it is with a lot of the ingredients. They're just a layer or their taste isn't there at all. So, if there's something you don't like, don't let it stop you from putting it in.

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Brandon G Celebrate Juice Challenge

Contributorgold Brandon G I drink a fruit smoothie every morning on my way to work. It includes mango, strawberry, blueberry, carrot, acai berry, and banana - with flax, honey, and matcha thrown in for good measure. It's good stuff - but don't knock the Buckie, it may be evil, but it's made by monks, so it can't be THAT evil!

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Abigail H Celebrate Juice Challenge

Contributorgold Abigail H Got a juicer about three weeks ago and have been experimenting with all sorts of combinations but my favourite is anything that includes beetroot - I love the taste anyway but I been reading lately is supposedly being hailed as a superfood.

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Cory M Celebrate Juice Challenge

Contributorsilver Cory M Pre-run: in a blender -- chia seeds, water, greens powder and a touch of unflavored pea/hemp/brownrice protein. Why? Massive fuel to keep you going during or long workout.

Post run: in a blender -- low sugar yogurt (sometimes), water, pea/hemp/brownrice protein, L-glutamine, flax seeds, fresh fruit or avocado.

Veggie boost: in a blender -- water, carrots, cucumber, radishes or any other sort of watery veggie I got lying around. It is not great tasting but you feel fantastic. Use a blender to keep the fiber (as opposed to a juicer which discards it).

Loads of water.

None are fantastic tasting, I have to admit but a couple of these a day keep me going through long runs with ease.

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