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500m swim, 25km cycle, 5km run - sounds easy if you're a gym bunny but as a couch potato it's a bit more of a challenge!

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“It's "only" a sprint triathlon. But there's also pain, it's a different pain from running a marathon or doing an Ironman, but it still hurts. And there is the same overwhelming feeling when you cross the finish line.”

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Annamarie F Do a sprint triathlon Challenge

Annamarie F I just completed my first Sprint Triathlon ever!
Shongum Lake Sprint Tri in NJ
a little more than 1/4 mile swim, 10mile bike(soooo many hills), 3.5mile run
swimming was easy, but my overall time was very slow because I'm not a runner at all 2:01:33

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Christine S Do a sprint triathlon Challenge

Contributorsilver Christine S Did a Tri last Monday. 400 swim, 550m to the transition, 24k on the bike and 5k run. Cycle and run hard work. Swim was 10.26 mins, bike 62 mins and run 35 mins. Improved transitions a pb.

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Thanks for the encourage Sly! Good luck with your challenges too!

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Jax S Do a sprint triathlon Challenge

Contributorsilver Jax S First Tri in July at Woodhall Spa, Londong. Cycling going well, running all good - swimming - mmm thats the one to sort out! waiting for googles to arrive as the 4 pairs I have brought and tried so far have all been pants!!

any recommendations on googles would be all good :)

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Stephen C Do a sprint triathlon Challenge

Contributorgold Stephen C Completed today. 750m swim, 20.5km bike & 5.4km run.

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It was great!!! Really loved it, nervous as hell the night before. Woke at 4.30am, no chance for anymore sleep. So went through the itinerary list again, made sure I had everything in the kit bag. Off on the road at 5.50am to get down to Portlaoise for the 7am registration. After registration I wandered back to the car to pick up my bike and dropped it down to transition and set up my gear underneath. Then the waiting started, though not too long, met 2 clubmates which helped buoy my spirits. It turned out they were equally nervous as this was the first triathlon on the season. As it was pool based it meant there were 7 others with me in my lane. The 25m pool meant a tap on your feet meant you had to wait at the end of the length to let the person behind you pass. After a quick discussion I said I would lead out, after a length and a half I had caught the last person to start. So began a number of waits behind others to pass which was my own fault for not having posted a swim time, equally frustrating for the other swimmers to have some tosser bashing their feet ;-). Was happy enough with the 14.25 minutes for the 750m. Transition to the bike was slow and sloppy, going from inside to 4 celsius outside was a little disconcerting so the cycle jacket was a must. Trying to get the helmet on felt awkward, shoes then running with the bike and not trying to slip out with the cleats. Bike ride went well enough on my new Orbea Onix, not as fancy as the one or two TT bikes that passed me. Roads surfaces were a little nasty in some places but I kept a steady pace, well aware that I still had 5.5K to run after the bike. Caught one or two on the ride before the dismount and running into T2. It did feel odd running through transition, pulling off the cycle jacket, then on with the runners, the legs felt a little alien. It felt like my legs were those of a puppet for the first 1K, the brain just sending the command to run. A marshall along the way just smiled, saying, 'that's right keep going, one foot in front of the other'. That seemed to work into my brain and I began to feel the training kick in and some sort of stride kick in. I then found myself a goal, someone who had passed me on the cycle but I could feel I could pass on the run. As I did they gave words of encouragement, after all 70% of those participating in this event are first time triathletes, so there is a really nice atmosphere of support amongst the competitors. The run seemed to drag a little but the feeling of, 'Wow I am about to do something I laughingly committed to last year on holidays - I am doing this!' It was superb, I could dare to utter the words, I am now a triathlete, no longer aspiring to do it. This triathlon is a stepping stone to my first half marathon in May, followed by a local Dublin sprint triathlon to be followed by another sprint triathlon, this time a sea swim on the East coast of Ireland. I am signed up for an olympic distance in Dublin whilst gearing up for my first marathon in Berlin. By October this year I will have completed a year of firsts - or perhaps find myself for the first time in a mental institution, at least another first. ;-)

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Andrea B Do a sprint triathlon Challenge

Contributorsilver Andrea B Well after a successful Super Sprint last week at Tatton, the London Sprint is dawning next Saturday. I will enjoy pressing the 'Complete' button next weekend - fingers crossed!!!! I'm raising funds for Cancer Research

Carol Ann B encouraged this.

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