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100 push ups in one go is probably the best known push up challenge to fitness enthusiasts, but it is rare to find someone who is able to complete it with proper push up form on every rep.

Work towards completing this challenge by slowly increasing your reps every session and improving strength and endurance in your chest and arms until you are able to do 100 push ups in one set, putting you up there with the elite.

Training for press ups doesn’t take a lot of time up either, so what is your excuse?

One hundred push-ups Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Recent advice

“Was not sure if I was up to this just yet but gave it a go and....... Victory is mine! Going to keep on these to see if I can break a new PB (117) and go for the Base record which is 150ish (I think).”

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Damian B One hundred push-ups Challenge

Out my depth now but I suppose it depends how you would modify it because I suppose you would want to avoid working out the muscles one side of your body over the other so for example a traditional one arm pushup (whi...

Ben S encouraged this.

Pronsias (Frank) M One hundred push-ups Challenge

Contributorgold Pronsias (Frank) M did 109.........all the way to failure....going to pay for this tomorrow

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Pablo C One hundred push-ups Challenge

Good to see you back! Good progress. I got to 50 whilst you were away so not too bad.

Pablo C encouraged this.


Nicee! Keep it going! Once I'm able to do 100 I'll try doing 120 or more hahahah

Damian B encouraged this.

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Andy D One hundred push-ups Challenge

Contributorgold Andy D So close - just managed 92 before collapsing


Wow, that's good though. Maybe you'll get it the next time :)

Kristin B encouraged this.


I find I have to surprise my body into doing the big numbers and have to count in groups of 20 so it doesn't seem like so much.

Kristin B encouraged this.


That is still AMAZING! You got this!!!

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Loretta A One hundred push-ups Challenge

Contributorgold Loretta A I just completed the 50 push up challenge and will take it from here. Will have to work a while on my push ups and maybe in 4 weeks I will see how many I can do in one set. Hopefully by summer I will be able to do 100 in one go.


Congratulations on the 50 push ups Loretta! Way to go! Keep chipping away at it and you'll be at 100 before you know it :)

Loretta A and Eunice Y encouraged this.

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